Essence Aerospace Technologies - Triatomic Kit

Manufacturer: Essence Aerospace Technologies
Product Type: Kit
  • Essence Aerospace Technologies - Triatomic {Kit} By Doug Szczepanski

    ( Contributed - by Doug Szczepanski - 07/09/06) Brief: Parachute cup modification. Modifications: I had already epoxied the plywood bulkhead in place when I read of some of the problems with the parachute cup releasing from the upper rocket. Take a Rotozip tool (or use a similar cutting method) with a wood cutting bit and cut a hole in the bulkhead leaving ~1/4" lip. ...

  • Essence Aerospace Technologies - Triatomic {Kit} By Bob Cox

    Brief: EAT's latest offering is an amazing 3 in one rocket. Look! Up in the sky! It's a cluster! No, it's a 24mm transition rocket! No, it's a sleek futuristic space plane! You can fly 3 completely different configurations on the field the same day using this very innovative design concept. Construction: I was initially hesitant to pop for the $36 (includes shipping) kit, but ...

  • Essence Aerospace Technologies - Triatomic {Kit} By Bob Cox

    The Triatomic is an interesting design that creates three very different rockets that all share the same upper section.  This design served as the inspiration for Virtual Rocket Contest #4.     Besides the interchangeable tails, the most unique design innovation on this kit is the “parachute cup” that protects the recovery system.  What makes it ...

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  • Triatomic (Modification) By Bob Cox

    Overview: Since I had so many problems with the parachute cup jamming in my EAT Triatomic (see my review ), it has not seen much flight time. I've been kicking around ideas for how to make it more reliable for quite some time, and last month I finally put something together. It seems to work really well. The basic concept is to insert an inner BT-55 tube inside the main BT-60 tube of the ...


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