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Estes - A.R.V. Condor {Kit} (2075) [1993-2004]

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CP:12.0000 inchesfrom Front (Other)


Designer: Dave Meyers
Diameter: 0.9760 inches
Main Body Tube: BT-50
Main Nose Cone: PNC-50YR
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2075
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Plan (YORP): 
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1993-2004
Recommended Motors: B4-2, B6-2,, C6-3
Recovery: Glide, Streamer
Skill Level: 2
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: Glider


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A.R.V. Condor Flying Model Rocket
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Estes Explorer Series A.r.v Condor Flying Model Rocket Kit #2075
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Estes A.R.V. Condor Flying Model Rocket Skill Level ll Booster with Twin Gliders
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Recommended Motors: B4-2, B6-2,, C6-3

Estes B4-2 Engine Pack (3-Each)
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Estes C6-3 Engine Pack (3-Each)
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C6-3 Flight Pack - 3 Engines & igniters plus 12 sheets of wadding
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Launch Supplies:

Estes 2274 Recovery Wadding
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Estes-Cox Corp 2302 Solar Starter
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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
1969-12-31Dick Stafford's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- gliders didn't glide too well but were undamaged, came down in a steep spiral
1998-03-12Casey Smith's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-5- Boy, what a great flight, this kit went pretty much straight up. Nice boost. The gliders worked ...
1999-04-28Eric Miller's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-3- Nice straight high flight, always a good performer. After ejection fired the gliders deployed. My ...
2000-03-05Robert Geer's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- One of the gliders is a replacement for one that was lost(glided too good!) and needs some more ...
2000-05-13David Pacheco's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-4- Nominal flight; gliders recovered easily but the booster was deemed MIA after a 30-minute search. ...
2000-06-04Eric Miller's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-7- Ejection charge did not separate the body sections to release the gliders. Not very pretty. Death ...
2000-08-13David Pacheco's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-3- Unbelievable that we recovered everything, given the wind and miserable conditions.
2000-09-09David Pacheco's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-5- Nominal flight; landed within 20 feet of a large tree near the stream.
2000-10-02Jeff Skinner's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-2- AWESOME maiden voyage. Winds were a little high with lots of drift but I had a big field. 1 glider ...
2000-10-02Jeff Skinner's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-2- Fast ejection, didn't get much higher than the 1st flight. 1 bird soared forever and I had a half ...
2000-10-15Carl Tulanko's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3- Great first flight. Straight with clean deployment. Gliders worked great and landed 30 feet apart, ...
2000-11-03Larry Zeilmann's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- good flight
2000-11-19Carl Tulanko's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-4- Very Impressive flight. Late Deployment Gliders and rocket landed within 50 feet of eachother. ...
2000-11-24Carl Tulanko's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-2- Excellent launch. Straight up. Chute deployed at apogee. Delay worked great; 2 seconds is just ...
2000-11-24Carl Tulanko's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-7- I puckered on this launch. Model rose to 200 feet, did a swirl, then went near horizontal, wildy ...
2001-03-11Donald Besaw's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Great flight. Excellent glide from both gliders.
2001-03-25Ed Scientist's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3- Not high enough but still a perfect flight although the shock cord burned in half
2001-03-25Ed Scientist's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3- need more thrust. Perfect glider recovery
2001-03-25Ed Scientist's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-4- Booster landed right in front of me. Glider hit the launch rod.
2001-03-25Ed Scientist's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-3- complete damage. Half way thhrough the flight orange glider wing fell off. Nose cone exploded. The ...
2001-04-13Bill Eichelberger's Estes - A.R.V. Condor - CRASHEDA8-3- Gliders need a little more trim work, but appears to be a real crowd pleaser. (I'll power up more ...
2001-04-14Ed Scientist's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Good launch. Had to borrow Aurora nose cone. I love this rocket.
2001-04-14Andrew MacMillen's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Great flight, gliders flew a bit far down wind.
2001-04-21Ed Scientist's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-3- Not a very straight flight. Orange glider wing was ripped off. Either this rocket cant take the ...
2001-04-29Ed Scientist's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- The rocket looped over after lift off deploying avout 50 feet off the ground. I think it hass ...
2001-05-05Bill Eichelberger's Estes - A.R.V. Condor - CRASHEDB6-4- Gliders performed much better after extensive trim work. Booster came down through tree branches ...
2001-05-06Larry Zeilmann's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-2- gliders almost blew away
2001-06-17 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - A.R.V. Condor - CRASHEDB6-4- Like someone just whacked the pinata. Never a dull moment.
2001-06-24Bill Eichelberger's Estes - A.R.V. Condor - CRASHEDA8-3- Is there anything you can do to minimize the Estes Dent on one of these things?
2001-07-02Bill Eichelberger's Estes - A.R.V. Condor - CRASHEDB4-4- Sections failed to seperate at ejection and the whole unit crashed to the ground. HARD!!! It will ...
2001-07-10Donald Besaw's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3- Used this smaller motor to keep altitude to a minimum because of the wind. Rocket flew into the ...
2001-07-22Mehringer's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-2- beautiful trimmed gliders soared approx 1:30 sec. Fuselage recovery at pad.
2001-08-12William Frazier's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-4- Didn't want to walk so used smaller motor. Deployed late.
2001-08-12William Frazier's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-5- Another nice flight, had to walk a ways for the gliders.
2001-09-02Carl Tulanko's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3- Rocket flew straight up with slow climb, Ejection was perfect, gliders worked well. Altitude was ...
2001-09-02Carl Tulanko's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-2- Nice launch, ejection very early but gliders and streamer deployed. Altitude was around 400'. One ...
2001-09-02Carl Tulanko's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Great launch, fast off the pad. Ejected WAY to early, but I wanted to test it. Altitude was around ...
2001-10-13Dick Stafford's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3- not enough engine for this model!
2002-02-08Donald Besaw's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4200 feet Strange boost. Arched over at about 200 feet. Nice glide from both gliders. No damage.
2002-02-10Donald Besaw's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Arched after liftoff and ejected just before impact. Retired due to growing weaknesses in the ...
2002-08-16Jason Vennard's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Maiden flight. Nice slow, but arching flight, at ejection gliders worked well. Body 12 reefed ...
2003-06-15James Reyome's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Estes has a winner here. Mind you, the kevlar (looked like sewing thread to me!) shock cord burned ...
2005-01-21Andrew Grippo's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-2- Cool Flight! Gliders came off at ejection perfectly and rotated down to the ground like two ...
2005-06-15Hank Helmen's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-3165 feet Good flight straight boost. One glider still circling nicely while the other one comes down ...
2005-06-15Hank Helmen's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-3200 feet Good straight boost. One glider circles nicely the other spirals in quickly. Upper and lower ...
2005-10-22James Reyome's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- First flight since refit (almost a complete rebuild all the way down to paint!) and it was super! ...
2006-03-16Hank Helmen's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-2100 feet Good straight boost. Both gliders seperated cleanly. Glider #2 circled down tightly. Glider #1 ...
2006-05-21Edward Chess's Estes - A.R.V. CondorB4-2- Both gliders deployed and chased each other in tight circles with the body tube descending on a ...
2006-06-16Anonymous Joe's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-5- Summer camp launch. Arched some, ejected around the apogee. Booster and gliders recovered without ...
2006-10-08Edward Chess's Estes - A.R.V. CondorB4-2- Tight spirals from both gliders. Nice.
2007-04-24Hank Helmen's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-5150 feet Nominal boost. Followed launch with JVC video cam and home made aiming scope. Saw ejection and ...
2007-05-08Hank Helmen's Estes A.R.V. CondorB4-2100 feet Nice boost. Ejection charge spun both gliders around in the air! Then one dropped into a circling ...
2007-05-12Bob Harrington's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4- Gliders spiraled down. need trimmimg
2008-05-10Edward Chess's Estes - A.R.V. CondorC6-3- Wonderful tight inertwined circles for the two gliders.
2008-08-19Hank Helmen's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-5361 feet Turned quickly North after leaving launch rod. Must have had gliders angled in hold brackets. ...
2008-08-19Hank Helmen's Estes A.R.V. CondorC6-5372 feet Nice straight launch this time. Aligned gliders carefully just before launch. Crepe paper ...
2010-07-18Ken Tsai's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3- Shake down flight. Gliders came down a shade fast.
2010-08-21David Sindel's Estes A.R.V. CondorB6-4-
2011-01-02Ken Tsai's Estes A.R.V. Condorc6-3- Glider fun
2013-09-28Dick Stafford's Estes A.R.V. CondorA8-3-

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