Estes Astrocam ! Launched Great, but Camera was accidently turned off.
#sodblasters #swoosh #astrocam2020 Estes: AstroCam Motor: B6-4 Location: Arthur Hill Sod Blasters Field in Saginaw Michigan. Purchased: Roger's Hobby Center in Saginaw, Michigan. Rocket Club: Carman Park Blasters Rocket Club in Saginaw Michigan Launch: A Tri-Cities Rocketeers club; tri-Cities Sod Blasters Club Rules: We strictly follow the National Association of Rocketry rules and regulations Description: Great launch but, I accidently shut the camera off, so I did not get a aerial video.

 Rocketry Club: Tri-Cities Rocketeers

 Rocketry Club: Wisconsin Organization Of Spacemodeling Hobbyists

Author Joe Barry
Duration 31 seconds

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