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Estes - Big Bertha {Kit} (1948, 23, 7007)


Decals: Self-Stick
Designer: Vern Estes
Diameter: 1.6400 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Length: 24.0000 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 1948, 23, 7007
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Plastic
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Recommended Motors: B4-2, B4-4, B6-2, B6-4, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 1
Status: In-Production
Style: Sport
Tags: Family:Estes:Big Bertha
Weight: 2.2000 ounces


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Recommended Motors: B4-2, B4-4, B6-2, B6-4, C6-5

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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
1969-12-31Kenneth Johnson's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Got this one in Germany, sold by Robbe GmbH. Funny, German Estes (Robbe) motors aren't color ...
1969-12-31Russell Taragan's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Not enough power, the rocket hit 50 ft and fell back down, ejection did not really come in time ...
1999-03-07Paul Smith's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Almost identical to other A8-3 flights. Nice recovery.
1999-03-07Paul Smith's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- This time surprisingly low for a B6 engine. I wrapped both the shroud lines and the long shock ...
1999-03-11Paul Smith's Estes Big BerthaB8-5- Perfect
1999-03-11Paul Smith's Estes Big BerthaC5-3- Perfect flight. Noticeably higher than Maniac on same engine.
1999-03-20Paul Smith's Estes Big BerthaB4-2- Another beautiful flight.
1999-04-02Paul Smith's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Perfect flight - caught by body tube.
1999-04-21Eric Miller's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Inclined the launch angle more into the wind, nice flight, no weather cocking, ejected parachute ...
1999-04-28Eric Miller's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Perfect day, awesome flight - there's nothing like Big B going up straight as an arrow, ejected ...
1999-06-19Eric Miller's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Yes I was the first to fly, lots of bugs in the morning but Big B did not regard it. Perfect ...
2000-01-02Eric Miller's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Big Bertha delivered another perfect launch. This rocket rocks! Ejection not so beautiful. . . ...
2000-02-19Geoff Stanford's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- This was the first rocket I flew as a kid, so I figured this should be the first one I put up when ...
2000-03-01Randy Powell's Estes Big Bertha3xB6-4- this rocket kicks @ss with 3 motors. . . flew super good and recovered nearby.
2000-03-04David Fergus's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- good flight
2000-03-04Randy Ashley's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-7- When I got this one and saw how long the motor mount was I just had to cut it into 3 mounts and ...
2000-03-11Randy Ashley's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-7- Nice flight. 1200 ft sure beats the 580 it would have done on one c motor.
2000-03-12Randy Ashley's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-4- LCO (thats me) remembered to flip the extra 2 swithches and all 3 lit ( even with the copperheads ...
2000-03-18Geoff Stanford's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Flew great on this motor. The new nylon Vaughn Brother's 18 parachute worked like a charm. I ...
2000-03-21Randy Powell's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- made a cluster of 3x 18mm motors. . added 1 oz. to NC perfect ignition and lots of fire and smoke. ...
2000-03-25Randy Ashley's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-7- This kit is super with the cluster of C motors. Nice stable flight. Might change to smaller chute ...
2000-04-01David Fergus's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- some wind cock
2000-04-15Dale Emery's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- My first launch was the Big Bertha on a C6-5 for a wind and cloud ceiling check. It flew fine, ...
2000-04-29David Fergus's Estes Big BerthaC6-3-
2000-05-13Dale Emery's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Nice Flight
2000-06-04Eric Miller's Estes Big BerthaC6-7- Too much launch angle on this one. Floated into a large tree. This was one of my favorite rockets. ...
2000-06-10Dale Emery's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Second flight of day
2000-06-18Geoff Stanford's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- This time it didn't even leave the pad. I had found some old AeroTech B6-4 reloads and decided to ...
2000-06-24Eric Miller's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- After the first two flights of the Python and Peregrine, I knew I need to adjust the launch rod. I ...
2000-06-24David Fergus's Estes Big BerthaC6-5-
2000-07-15Dale Emery's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Third flight of day
2000-08-12Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Log says: B6-2. Notes say Nice! Perfect apogee, but I suspect it was a B6-4 not a B6-2.
2000-08-12Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaC6-5-
2000-08-19Geoff Stanford's Estes Big BerthaB4-4- Flew like a champ on this motor. B4's in the Big Bertha give it such a nice slow lift off.
2000-09-25Donald Besaw's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Flew from a high school football field. Landed on the bleachers but was not damaged.
2000-09-30Kevin Johnson's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- 1st flight. Looked great.
2000-10-01Kevin Johnson's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Flight #2.
2000-10-15Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Arrow straight, as perfect as it gets.
2000-10-26Dale Emery's Estes Big BerthaB6-0/C6-7- I CHAD staged the Big Bertha on a B6-0/C6-7 combo that worked nicely.
2000-11-05Kevin Johnson's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Very windy day. Rocket recovered from tree trop.
2000-11-11Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4-
2000-11-12Steve Terrell's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- I don't think this rocket is capable of a bad flight. I switched to a 12 chute, which works great ...
2000-11-18Steve Terrell's Estes Big BerthaC5-3- Windy day, but another great flight. My engine mount is starting to tear apart (no engine block in ...
2000-12-09Kevin Johnson's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Straight boost. Slid back down tail first before ejecting.
2000-12-09Kevin Johnson's Estes Big BerthaB6-4-
2001-02-19Kevin Johnson's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Nominal flight in breezy conditions.
2001-03-25Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Notes Nice flight. Need more power!
2001-03-25Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaB4-4- Nice high flight with launcher angled slightly into the wind.
2001-03-30Jim Michaelis's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Wow, Can't believe I waited 35 years to buy build and fly one. Beautiful slow lift off from the ...
2001-03-31Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Thats what I am talkin about. Picture perfect flight.
2001-04-01Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- This is my best rocket with the most flights. This was the best and highest flight so far.
2001-04-06Sam Eichelberger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- My son's rocket.
2001-04-08Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Test flight of swivewl operation. A MUST. The chute or shck cord never tangled or twisted at all!
2001-04-08Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- It doesn't get any better than this. Tenth flight and it was perfect. Even with the spill hole in ...
2001-04-13Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-4-
2001-04-13Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-4- Second flight of Sam's rocket. I tried to talk him into a C6-5, but he was afraid he might lose ...
2001-04-14Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Shew!! That was the closest I ever came to loosing my beloved Bertha.
2001-04-21Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Went high as ususal. Good flight landed about 15 feet from the school.
2001-04-29Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Never lets me down!! Nice diplay of fire at this late dusk launch. Landed right next to the woods. ...
2001-04-29Sam Eichelberger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Perfect flight. I'm quite proud of the job I did building this one.
2001-04-29Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-4-
2001-05-12Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4-
2001-05-19Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- A little arc but a nice flight. A slight crack developing on one of the fins. Not too bad for 15 ...
2001-06-10Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Nominal.
2001-06-17Sam Eichelberger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- A two Bertha drag race. One went left. One went right. Smoke trail looked like a McDonalds sign.
2001-06-17Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-4-
2001-07-02 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-6- Great flight. Six seconds was the perfect delay for conditions.
2001-07-08Mark Patoka's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Our maiden flight with this rocket. Nice launch and straight flight.
2001-07-08Mark Patoka's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Another perfect flight. Definitely need to use parachute with cutout center to reduce drift.
2001-07-10Tony Fragge's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Ripped one shroud line from parachute but otherwise a great flight
2001-07-10Tony Fr's Big BerthaC6-5- Good flight. Shroud line ripped from chute.
2001-07-14Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Very nice flight.
2001-07-14Luis Salinas's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-7-
2001-07-22Ed Scientist's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Bertha slammed the ground hard head first slightly mashing the body tube. Later I noticed the ...
2001-07-22Sam Eichelberger's Estes Big BerthaB6-6- Not enough power. Tried to talk him into a C engine, but he's afraid he'll lose the rocket.
2001-07-22Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-6-
2001-07-27Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Drifted a good distance despite low winds.
2001-08-14Jim Michaelis's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Again, Great boost, Perfect deployment, Very majestic coming down.
2001-08-19Sam Eichelberger's Estes Big BerthaB6-6-
2001-08-19Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-6- Part of a five Bertha drag race, including a two-stager. Very cool.
2001-08-19Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-6-
2001-09-02Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-2- No damage. I thought this was a B6-4.
2001-09-08Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4-
2001-09-22Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Nominal.
2001-09-29Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another good flight; spun slowly.
2001-10-20Mark Patoka's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Beautiful take-off and flight
2001-10-20Mark Patoka's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Good straight flight.
2001-10-20Mark Patoka's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Perfect flight and delay time.
2001-11-22Dan Patell's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Perfect flight after being modified for zipperless recovery because of a lawn dart. Close ...
2001-12-01Michael Mangieri's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Sounds like we only have B6-4s handy!! Good flight.
2001-12-01Michael Mangieri's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Launch angle was 25 deg. Recovered 120' from launch site.
2001-12-15Marc Lee's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Original kit from late 60's- gift. Modified with 18 nylon X-chute & epoxy const (swivel and ...
2002-02-02Randy Wiggins's Estes Big BerthaD12-5- This old standard is a natural for the D12. Straight, tall flight.
2002-02-23David Fergus's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- practice for MRL, altitude tracking and launch safety practiced and confirmed
2002-03-23Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC5-3- Great flight and recovery, pratt heatshield, 18 nylon chute.
2002-03-23Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Great flight and recovery, Pratt heatshield.
2002-03-24Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaC5-3- Long recovery walk after a great flight. Broke fin on trip home.
2002-03-26Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Great flight and recovery, no problems, pratt heatshield and nylon chute.
2002-04-04Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Great flight and recovery again, consistent performer. Pratt heatshield and nylon chute.
2002-04-13Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Winds are getting lighter as the day gets longer making us braver. Nice flight.
2002-04-14Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another great flight, no problems. Pratt heatshield, nylon chute.
2002-05-25Randy Powell's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-5- needs 7 sec. delay.
2002-05-27Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another superb flight. Our wind tester for today, good straight boost, chute deployment good. No ...
2002-06-16Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Another great flight, 3 second delay worked fine, 5 second has always worked well also. Pratt heat ...
2002-06-16Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Delay ran a little long on this motor, otherwise great flight and recovery as usual. Pratt heat ...
2002-07-07Randy Powell's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-7- all 3 motors lit for a great flight. recovered nearby.
2002-08-09Patrick Scheirer's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Perfect Flight. Recovered 40 feet from the launch pad. I really look forward to flying this one ...
2002-08-10Patrick Scheirer's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another perfect flight from old reliable. This time it really got up there. Short walk on ...
2002-09-01 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-4- Part of a two Bertha drag race.
2002-09-01Tony Fr's Big BerthaB6-4- Good flight
2002-09-07Tim Burger's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Attempting to do a St. Louis Arch but the streamer tore at 20 feet.
2002-10-05Randy Powell's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-7- Goes really high.
2002-12-22Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Second Flight - Straight flight up; followed by a lovely huge, slow arc. Ace flight!
2002-12-26Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Very loud flight - great! :-)
2003-01-11Randy Wiggins's Estes Big BerthaE15-7- All eyes need to be on this one. Big Bertha loves this motor. E15-7 carries this old standard on ...
2003-01-25Stephen Peart's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Stevie's Bertha. Palm trees. Flawless flight.
2003-02-01Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another nice flight on this veteran bird. 16 nylon chute.
2003-03-30Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Great flight, I love this rocket!
2003-04-05Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Launched into wind to reduce drift. Weathercocked somewhat, but landed only a few meters from ...
2003-04-08Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Yet another superb flight from this beauty.
2003-04-12Randy Powell's Estes Big Bertha3xC6-7-
2003-04-12James Reyome's Estes Big BerthaE9-8- GASP! After yet another perfect flight, Bertha was on her way back down safely, I lost sight of ...
2003-04-18Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Yet another amazing flight from what must be one of the best rockets ever designed!
2003-04-27Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Maiden voyage. Superb slow liftoff but still had great height. Almost got nervous because it ...
2003-04-27Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaC5-3- Too little delay, but I wanted Sam to see what Bertha could do with the kick in the pants that a C ...
2003-05-07Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Luvly flight!
2003-05-07Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- 1st time on a C - this bird FLEW! What a beauty! Might be better with a 7sec delay, I had a bit of ...
2003-05-10Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Majestic liftoff. Much like my Fat Boy, this rocket begs for more power. A B6-4 isn't satisfying ...
2003-05-17Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Enough proof that a C6-5 is too much delay. Perfect flight but there is that pregnant pause after ...
2003-05-17Michael Mangieri's Estes Big Bertha1/2A6-2- Launched at ECRM for Spot Landing competition. Very low arcing flight good for 4th place.
2003-05-24Jon Revelle's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- NC came untied. No damage.
2003-05-25Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Tried reefing the chute to reduce drift - had the opposite effect!
2003-05-28Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- THIS is the right motor for this rocket! Picture perfect flight. I won't fly this on anything else ...
2003-06-01Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big BerthaB6-4- Too much rocket for the B6-4.
2003-06-02Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Nice flight, streight as a die
2003-06-02Dan Westley's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Lovely high, streight flight.
2003-06-21Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Windy day out. Great straight flight, perfect ejection at apogee & then had to run it down a ...
2003-06-22Jon Revelle's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another picture perfect flight. But it landed in the top of a tree. DEAR GOD, PLEASE BLOW IT ...
2003-06-30Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another nice flight, as usual. 15 nylon chute. Light east winds.
2003-07-04Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Great flight off the pad. Weathercocked pretty badly though & then the wind carried it just far ...
2003-07-19Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Probably this BB's best flight ever. Weathercocked slightly into the wind & then recovery brought ...
2003-08-06Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Just another routine great flight. Weathercocked into what little wind & then recovered ~125ft on ...
2003-08-10Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another great flight. 16 nylon
2003-08-10Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- First flight for this one. I substitued a longer body tude on a Baby Bertha to make this one. ...
2003-08-23Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Slow & low. Classic BB flight. The delay was just long enough to get the NC pointed down. So calm ...
2003-08-23Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- I thought I'd put a C6-3 in for its flight earlier today. Obviously I hadn't! Super high flight & ...
2003-08-24Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- This is a great flying rocket. It carried a plastic army figure with a parachute and both were ...
2003-08-24Chan Stevens's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- one of my favorite rockets (painted nostalgic yellow with red/black striping)
2003-09-12Lance Alligood's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Steady wind caused a slight weathercock on the way up to about 400ft. Drifted about 200ft away ...
2003-09-20Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaC6-3-
2003-09-21Kristian Holmberg's Estes Big BerthaB4-2- perfect flight , egection whent of at apogee (almost hit my uncle's van though)
2003-10-26Joel Ellingson's Estes Big BerthaB6-3- Maiden flight. BB went straight up to about 100 feet, turned and dropped straight back down at us. ...
2003-10-26Joel Ellingson's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- This was my 5 year-old sonís first launch. He was too excited to wait for the entire countdown - ...
2003-10-26Joel Ellingson's Estes Big BerthaD12-4- Switched to a 14 inch chute. Nice, slow liftoff; straight, high flight; perfect chute deployment. ...
2004-01-10Mark Saunders's Estes Big BerthaG80-10- Glassed fins & rail buttoms -The rocket shot off the rail. Required field glasses to find after ...
2004-02-08Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaB6-4-
2004-05-01Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- As usual another nice flight and recovery for this bird. Want consistency, get a big bertha. 15 ...
2004-05-01Jerry Nishihira's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Good flight @ 100'. Used smaller 12 chute, safe recovery.
2004-05-01Jerry Nishihira's Estes Big BerthaC6-5200 feet Weathercocked towards Shark's Bay, landed safely in the ball park 20' away from pad.
2004-05-01Jerry Nishihira's Estes Big BerthaC6-5333 feet perfect flight, perfect recovery.
2004-06-20Mark Patoka's Estes Big BerthaC6-3-
2004-06-20Mark Patoka's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Perfect flight
2004-07-24Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- As always a great flight on the bertha, the thing just can't fly wrong.
2004-07-25Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- A drag race against our new Bertha
2004-08-08Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- this one went on the first try, won the drag race.
2004-08-15Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- This is a great rocket for warmups on a clear day.
2004-09-10Daniel Griswold's Estes Big BerthaD12-7-
2004-09-26Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaB6-4-
2004-09-26Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaC6-7- A C6-5 would be perfect.
2004-10-16Rocky Firth's Estes Big BerthaC6-7- The wind caught it just off the rod and it sailed east a quite a clip. Ejection was very late but ...
2004-11-20Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- 3rd flight of day was also a good one. I realize I still have nose weight in my Big Bertha from ...
2004-11-20Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Great, stable flight. Parachute opened immediately.
2004-11-20Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Second flight, Big Bertha was prepped by an 8 year old. The parachute tangled with the shock cord, ...
2004-11-27Brian Charnigo's Estes Big BerthaC6-5370 feet Nice flight, straight up.
2005-01-31Stephen Fisher's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Great slow take-off. Reached apogee, coasted, then nose ejected minus shoot. balistic into deep ...
2005-02-06Scott Hauff's Estes Big BerthaE9-6- Excellent flight on this motor. Chute was singed a bit but still a soft touchdown within 50 yards ...
2005-03-19Dave Austerberry's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Perfect flight straight up, parachute tangled in shroud lines, still came down safely, no damage.
2005-03-20Kyle Hancock's Estes Big BerthaB4-4- Chris' NARTREK Mercury
2005-03-20Kyle Hancock's Estes Big BerthaB4-4- Chris' NARTREK Mercury
2005-04-02Jason Vennard's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Good flight, wadding, chute protector, and chute installed what was i thinking, no wonder stuff ...
2005-06-25Linux203's Estes Big BerthaD12-5- Fast off the pad for the big bertha. Fin decals left the rocket around 20ft. Spill hole in stock ...
2005-07-05Reid Smith's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Short flight up, and noticed no slow takeoff. Ejection just before Apogee, and then an extremely ...
2005-07-09Reid Smith's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Another perfect flight. First flight since installing mini-baffle. Used one sheet of wadding which ...
2005-07-09Reid Smith's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Liked previous flight so much I had to launch her again. Used 2 squares of wadding and that was ...
2005-07-11Reid Smith's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- As normal flew a perfectly straight flight up, however significantly higher w/ a C than B, and ...
2005-07-16Steve Fisher's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- This is a great rocket. Slow straight take off. Very high arch. Great deloyment. Wind must have ...
2005-07-23Linux203's Estes Big BerthaD12-5-
2005-07-23Linux203's Estes Big BerthaD12-5-
2005-08-13Daniel Griswold's Estes Big BerthaD12-7- Beautiful flight. Extremely straight. Descented quickly.
2005-08-13Daniel Griswold's Estes Big BerthaD12-7- Another perfect flight
2005-08-13Daniel Griswold's Estes Big BerthaD12-7- Great flight, great recovery
2005-08-21Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big Bertha (Spirit of '69)C6-5- Great first flight. Pretty much what is to be expected from a Bertha. This one has a 1969 catalog ...
2005-09-11Daniel Griswold's Estes Big BerthaD12-5-
2005-10-02Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- This motor is good for demos, but it is really crying out for a C6-5.
2005-10-02Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Another launch using the C6-5. At first I thought this was going to land in the trees, but she ...
2005-10-02Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Man, this is one beautiful motor for one beautiful rocket. Great boost, and the weather was ...
2005-10-08 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big Bertha (Spirit of '69)B4-2- Low & slow flight as promised.
2005-10-08Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big Bertha (Spirit of '69)B6-4- Perfect flight with minimal drift due to chute not unfurling. No damage.
2005-10-08Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big Bertha (Spirit of '69)C6-5- Great flight, but drifted forever.
2005-12-23Andrew Macia's Estes Big BerthaC6-5400 feet flawless flight
2006-01-22Todd Smith's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Straight up boost no weathercock flawless recovery
2006-02-03Bob Shaw's Estes Big BerthaB4-2- Nice flight.
2006-02-03Bob Shaw's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Ejection charge burned thru the shroud lines. Landed hard, but no damage to the rocket.
2006-02-03Bob Shaw's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Delay not long enough.
2006-02-03Bob Shaw's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Nice flight.
2006-02-03Bob Shaw's Estes Big BerthaC6-7- Very stressful flight. Weathercocked very bad, traveled a long, long way horizonal at 200 ft. ...
2006-03-08Richie Brunjes's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Chute shredded , broke one fin on a very hard landing
2006-03-12Dave Brunsting's Estes Big BerthaB4-4- Very late ejection for this bird. I should know better.
2006-05-07George Beever's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Actually scratchbuilt using a BMS balsa cone.
2006-05-20Ron McFerren's Estes Big Bertha3xB6-4- 1st flight for this kit. Modded for 3x18mm cluster with added nose weight. Used a clip whip and ...
2006-06-27Richie Brunjes's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Great flight
2006-07-30Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Another good flight and recovery.
2006-07-30Clive Davis's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Good first flight of the day
2006-08-21Mike Mistele's Estes Big BerthaB4-2- Nice slow flight, perfect deployment, slow float down to landing.
2006-09-02Mike Mistele's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Weathercocked a bit (as usual), but a nice flight. Perfect deployment, soft landing.
2006-09-16Mike Morley's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Engine thrust shoved stuffer tube up into the airframe, Krushnic Effect took over, and the rocket ...
2006-09-17Mike Morley's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Repaired motor mount -- flew perfectly this time. A-motor is a little underpowered for this ...
2006-09-23Mike Morley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Nice flight.
2006-09-23Mike Morley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Perfect.
2006-10-01Mike Morley's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Beautiful flight; a real crowd-pleaser
2006-10-10Steve Fitton's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Textbook flight. What a nice design, I hope it never goes out of production.
2006-10-12Alex McCarthy's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- quite quick boost, ejection fine, drifted about 100m, no damage
2006-10-13Alex McCarthy's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- flew well..parachute did not fully open but no damage.
2007-01-01Todd Shero's Estes Big BerthaE9-6- Great first flight on this modified Bertha. Streamer recovery excellent in windy/misty conditions
2007-03-24Mike Morley's Estes Big BerthaC6-4- Nice, high flight. Recovered 50 yards from the pad.
2007-07-21Moe Bertrand's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Good flight.
2007-07-30Scott Smith's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Very straight flight. Floated down into a tree. Retrieved without damage. Can't wait to drop a ...
2008-03-01Tony Interrante's Estes Big BerthaC6-5500 feet Three very similar flight profiles. All weathercocked into the wind. Good altitude. Chute only ...
2008-03-08Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Spot landing event. Landed 12+ feet away, close enough for second. Nice flight.
2008-03-08Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Ejected just before or at lawn dart. 54 inch parachute fit but weighed too much. Hollow balsa nose ...
2008-03-08Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaB4-4- Paper airplane event. Used the best paper airplane in the world from Utube, got second longest ...
2008-03-08Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Streamer flight. Weak ejection charge resulted in partial ejection. Too bad, it was a 12-foot ...
2008-03-09Mark Rose's Estes Big BerthaD13-7- 1st try with reloadable motors (AT RMS 18/20) did not go so well. Ejection powder got grease in ...
2008-04-06George Beever's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Built from the original plans, with a balsa nosecone from BMS. Used a original Estes 18 c ...
2008-04-10John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Perfectly straight boost as usual. Ejection occured at NC slight down, but pretty close to ...
2008-04-13Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Nice work horse rocket for using different type of motors. Nice slow liftoff and flight.
2008-04-13Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Another great flight.
2008-04-13Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Great flight decided to use a C motor on this flight.
2008-04-19Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaD24-7- The Big Bertha flies really nice on an 18mm D. The 20 foot long Mylar streamer brought it down ...
2008-05-03Mark Rose's Estes Big BerthaD13-7- Ripped off the pad with AUTHORITY! Minimal turning into wind. Ejection perfect.
2008-05-18Brian Guzek's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Good flight.
2008-05-26Mark Rose's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- This Bertha is slightly stretched from repairs, hence the 3 second delay. Slow lift off and boost, ...
2008-07-28Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Could have used a C6-3. Huge mylar streamer impressive.
2008-08-31Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Great flight really like flying BB on C engines.
2008-10-28Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Another great flight, Landed on all 4 fins.
2008-10-28Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Great flight.
2008-10-28Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Great flight.
2008-10-29Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Good flight.
2008-11-16 Mark Rose's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Excellent motor on a windy day--great flight
2008-11-23John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- First flight on my new Bertha in the yellow & black classic scheme. Typical Bertha flight, great ...
2009-03-12 Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Nice low flight.
2009-03-12 Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaA8-3- Another nice flight.
2009-03-21John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaD12-5- 24mm mount really gets the Bertha some serious altitude. Great boost with perfect ejection. ...
2009-03-21John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaD12-5- Seconf flight of the day, perfect again. Recovered with no damage.
2009-04-04Mark Rose's Estes Big BerthaD13-7- The bertha really rips off the pad with this motor--lots of fun.
2009-05-17Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Good flight.
2009-06-05Ian Olson's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Dug up the old Big Bertha for a new rocket club me and a friend started in Fairbanks, Alaska. Even ...
2009-06-20John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- First flight on the blue/silver Bertha. Weather cocked, but still a good flight. Recovered with no ...
2009-07-11Mark Grisco's Estes Big BerthaD10-7- big bertha rocks on a D-10. long recovery walk, no damage
2009-07-11Mark Grisco's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- first flight. perfect.
2009-08-12Mark Grisco's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- perfect flight. 5 second delay is ok when calm
2009-08-12Mark Grisco's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- weathercocked about 200 feet up, made the delay late. no damage and a nice flight.
2009-10-17Noel S. Ayres's Estes Big BerthaB4-5- Really a Quest B4-4.Itwent maybe 200' or so up.No ejection, hit the ground nose first pushing the ...
2009-11-25Peter Lam's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Slow takeoff with some weathercocking but otherwise a great flight.
2010-01-23Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaC5-5- Random duration event at Winterfest. 18 parachute. Goal was 70 sec, achieved 63 sec. The Bertha is ...
2010-02-27Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- Streamer test, B6-2 ejection charge too weak to eject streamer, core sample, very little damage.
2010-02-27Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaB6-2- 2nd attempt, same result: weak ejection charge with core sample. Motor mount dislodged this time, ...
2010-03-19 Judy Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- This is a fun rocket to fly nice slow liftoff.
2010-03-19 Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Out launching rockets with my daughter, This flight had me worried ejected a little late on this ...
2010-03-19 Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaC5-3- Had get this one out of neighbors small tree, The wind picked up an carried out of field across ...
2010-03-20Mark Rose's Estes Big BerthaD13-7- My favorite motor for this rocket...makes the Bertha STREAK versus the slow C6 liftoff.
2010-06-05 Jeff Lane's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Very high flight for this bird/motor. Long delay. Chute popped immediately. Thermals. Duration of ...
2010-06-12Preston Hoover's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- The big bertha flew up, the parachute ejected and we recovered the rocket. Only problem there was ...
2010-06-19Leon Smith's Big BerthaEstes C6-5600 feet Good flight
2010-06-19Leon Smith's Big BerthaEstes C6-5605 feet Good flight
2010-06-19Leon Smith's Big BerthaEstes C6-5600 feet Good flight
2010-06-19Leon Smith's Big BerthaEstes C6-5605 feet Good flight
2010-07-10Mike Mistele's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Nice flight. Drifted in the wind about 100 yards, but safe recovery.
2010-07-17Leon Smith's Big BerthaEstes C6-5600 feet Good Flight
2010-08-28Mike Mistele's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Another great flight. Slight bit of weathercocking. Good deployment, good landing.
2010-09-11Mike Mistele's Estes Big BerthaC6-5- Great high flight. So far up (and into low clouds), didn't really see the ejection. But, ...
2010-10-02Dwayne Shmel's Big BerthaC6-5- Great flight. Won the 3 way drag race.
2010-11-13Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaB6-4100 feet Strong Weathercocking, Late Ejection, 2 shrouds seperated from canopy, came down fast but OK. ...
2010-11-20John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Blue and silver Bertha, perfect flight.
2010-11-21John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Yellow and Black Bertha
2010-11-21John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- Yellow and black Bertha, 2nd flight on the day.
2010-11-28Brian Hoover's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- good first flight. ejection baffel mod test successful
2010-12-11Karl Brandt's Big BerthaB4-4- Over center at chute opening, close landing.
2010-12-11Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-3- Usual weather cocking. Parachute released closer to apogee.
2010-12-24John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaC6-3- First flight on the Puffy Lettered Bertha, perfect!
2010-12-28Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-3- Downwind angle on launch rod. Slight arc to flight, no weather cocking.
2010-12-28Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-5- Slight weathercocking. Late ejection, as expected. No damage.
2011-02-07 Jason Orosco's Estes Big BerthaB6-4- Nice straight flight good landing.
2011-03-20John Bergsmith's Big BerthaEstes C6-3-First flight on the black Big Bertha, perfect!
2011-04-15Leon Smith's Big BerthaEstes C6-5- Good flight
2011-05-29Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaB6-2150 feet Slightly early ejection, needs longer delay. Somewhere between a B6-4 and a B6-2...should have a ...
2011-06-02Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-3- straight up launch, weather cocked landed ~200 feet downwind
2011-06-12Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaC6-3331 feet Strong weathercocking, C6-3 had a good delay time for this model, good flight & recovery. ...
2011-07-05Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-3- straight up launch, slight weather cocking
2011-07-16Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-5- weather cocked caught parachute caught, fast return head first Landed ~100 ft upwind (north) ...
2011-08-05 Chris J Taylor's Baby BerthaC6-5- Simple solid flights from this rocket, flown more than I can remember. I now use it to verify wind ...
2011-08-07 Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaB6-4112 feet Good liftoff, but added weight of the Iris payload, Nylon chute and nomex cloth makes B-power ...
2011-08-12Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaB6-4200 feet Beautiful slow liftoff, apogee came and was well in the past when the ejection charge blew. She ...
2011-08-12Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaC6-5550 feet Another beautiful slow launch, Straight up with almost no wind. Tipped over and was nose-down and ...
2011-08-12Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaC6-5550 feet I was being brave. Fortunately the shock cord held up. Nice catch on the landing!
2011-08-14 Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaC6-3- weather-cocked and came right back. I took the stock 18" chute off and replaced with a 12" due to ...
2011-08-14Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaC6-3- weather-cocked and came right back. I took the stock 18" chute off and replaced with a 12" due to ...
2011-08-14Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaC6-3- weather-cocked and came right back. I took the stock 18" chute off and replaced with a 12" due to ...
2011-08-14Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaB6-4- weather-cocked and came right back. I took the stock 18" chute off and replaced with a 12" due to ...
2011-08-20Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaC6-5500 feet Slight weather-cocking turns her away from the pad, but the gentle breeze brings her back within ...
2011-08-27Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaB6-475 feet The B6-4 is really underpowered for the Big Bertha. She weathercocked, nosed over after apogee and ...
2011-08-27Douglas Hurstell's Big BerthaC6-3400 feet Nice launch with some weather-cocking due to the wind. Nosed over at apogee and I heard the *pop*. ...
2011-12-11Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-5- Nearly straight up, slight upwind. Landed on Tarbora Terrace (300') downwind
2011-12-27Karl Brandt's Big BerthaB6-4- straight up flight Flat recovery, parachute didn't make it out of tube. Landed on c ...
2011-12-31Karl Brandt's Big BerthaB6-4- straight up flight. flat recovery, parachute didn't make it out of tube. Landed on road 200' ...
2012-01-05Karl Brandt's Big BerthaA8-3- What was I thinking putting such a small motor in? Hit ground before ejection and bent front of ...
2012-01-14Karl Brandt's Big BerthaB6-4- First flight with replaced upper tube and new baffle system, no wadding. Nice flight, minor ...
2012-01-21Karl Brandt's Big BerthaB6-4- Used center separation for first time. Worked perfectly. Usual weather cocking. Landed 200' ...
2012-01-29Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-3- Usual amount of weather cocking for the wind. The body tube separated both in the center and nose ...
2012-02-05 Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaC6-3428 feet With a newly rebuilt and larger 24mm motor mount, the Bertha needed a test flight. I wanted to use ...
2012-02-06Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-5- - Mild weathercocking - Center separation good, but parachute stayed bundled - Landed on ...
2012-03-18Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaD12-5852 feet The best flight I ever had with the slightly Bigger Bertha. Flies great on a D12, much better than ...
2012-04-01 Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaC11-5378 feet I wanted to test the C11 motor out on my Bertha with a new 24mm mount. I already knew she flew ...
2012-04-01 Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaC11-5361 feet Second attempt with this new motor type for Bertha. This time she flew about as well as the first ...
2012-04-03 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big Bertha (Spirit of '77)B6-4- Perfect flight and recovery. Looked great recovering with the checkerboard chute.
2012-04-21John Bergsmith's Big BerthaEstes C6-5-
2012-05-06John Bergsmith's Big BerthaEstes C6-3-
2012-05-06John Bergsmith's Big BerthaEstes C6-3-
2012-05-26Steve Lindeman's Big BerthaB6-4- Maiden Flight. A picture perfect flight with recovery about 100' from pad. No damage.
2012-06-10 Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaC6-5277 feet This was the eleventh and last flight of the day. I vacillated over which model to fly before ...
2012-06-30 Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaC6-3328 feet I needed to end on a more spectacular flight, so of course I had to bring out ol’ Bertha. ...
2012-07-28Justin Stotter's Big Bertha Camera RocketE9-6- First flight. Very high. Recovered it from the hay field after about 45 minutes search. Nice view ...
2012-10-22Christopher Ebert's Big BerthaB6-4- Successful launch and recovery, no damage.
2012-10-27Barry Harmon's TaraC6-5350 feet Maiden flight of my Estes Big Bertha "Tara" on a C6-5. Beautiful slow, majestic liftoff and ...
2012-11-03Christopher Ebert's Big BerthaC6-5- Flight looked normal all the way up, but the paracute never deployed. Came in balistic. Parachute ...
2012-11-04Karl Brandt's Big BerthaB6-4- Significant weathercocking. Landed 150' downwind.
2012-11-10Christopher Ebert's Big BerthaC6-5- Repairs to the motor mount complete. Ascent was very good, almost no wind today, coasted to ...
2013-01-06Tyler Davis's Big Bertha C6-7800 feet This rocket flew exceptionally well and there were some issues with the first engine I used but ...
2013-05-04 Rich DeAngelis's Big BerthaD12-7777 feet I have only sent Bertha up on a D12 once before since it had its new motor mount installed, and it ...
2013-05-14Jaroslav Racek's Estes Big BerthaB6-4-
2013-05-19Dean Booth's Estes Big BerthaEstes C11-5- Big Bertha's debut flight at the AMOREA club launch. Very nice on a C11-5 with a 13 inch chute. ...
2013-06-06Jaroslav Racek's Estes Big BerthaC6-5-
2013-07-20Tom Watkins's Big BerthaB6-4240 feet Perfect flight recovered 50 yards east of pad
2013-07-20Tom Watkins's Big BerthaB6-4240 feet Perfect flight recovered 50 yards east of pad
2013-08-30Jaroslav Racek's Estes Big BerthaC6-5-
2013-10-20Jaroslav Racek's Estes Big BerthaC6-5-
2013-11-03 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Big Bertha (Spirit of '69)B6-450 feet Second B6-4 CATO on the day. Motors were from the same pack. No damage other than some scorching ...
2014-01-18William F. Cook's Biggest Bigger Big Bertha BoostedD12-0, B6-0, B6-4- Great, slow, powerful boost and successful staging for a great flight that got a round of ...
2014-01-19Mike Fischer's Tiny Bertha-
2014-10-25Michael Freedman's Big BerthaC6-3- Nice flight... chute didn't fully open. Minor fin damage.
2014-11-11Jason cook's AppleJacks-
2014-12-24Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-5- parachute didn't fully eject, no damage as it landed in enough grass to cushion the landing
2014-12-24Karl Brandt's Big BerthaC6-5- same problem, parachute didn't come out of tube. slight dent to main tube
2015-03-21Kevin Smith's Big BerthaC6-5- 1965 Vintage themed launch day. THis baby flew great, this is the same rocket from the 1965 ...
2017-02-18John Bergsmith's Estes Big BerthaEstes C6-3- First flight of the red/white Big Bertha, perfect.
2017-02-19John Bergsmith's Big BerthaEstes C6-3-
2019-02-20Mark Rose's Estes Big BerthaD13-7- Great match with this motor--rail straight boost despite wind.

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