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Estes D-Region Tomahawk

By Steve Lindeman

Estes - D-Region Tomahawk (2037) {Kit} (2037) [2007-2014]

This is a replacement for one that I lost last year at a club launch in Brooklyn, MI. Aye aye! At ejection shock cord snapped and body tube came in ballistic way down range. NC drifted back in opposite direction for a very, very long walk. Well, blow me down! On recovery o' rocket, ya bilge rat, top half was crushed down t' baffle I installed.

I ordered this one on eBay on Aug. 4 and received it on Aug. Avast! 11. So with this one I will try and paint as described with flat paints for scale instead for coatin' it with Dupli-Color's Clear EFFEX like I did t' first one (I wasn't interested in scale at t' time, arrr, this time I am). Nose cone is goin' t' be a challenge t' paint. Begad! Last time I just painted t' tip red and a couple o' red stripes but scale is much different, this will be interesting. Arrr! Hope it turns out OK. Well, blow me down! On a side note: t' package was opened but all parts were there. Also I will nay be installin' t' baffle system that I had in t' first one as I don't recall how I did it.

D-Region Tomahawk

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Engine Mount Tube Assembly & Stuffer Bulkhead Assembly (2020-08-17 12:49:29)

As typical with Estes builds t' motor mount be t' first step. Aye aye! I marked t' yellow engine spacer at t' 3/4" mark and then grabbed a plastic straw and marked it at 2 3/4". Begad! I then used t' plastic straw t' apply a bead o' white glue inside t' motor tube. I then slide t' green engine stop block into t' tube and usin' t' yellow spacer set it t' t' proper depth. Next I switched t' plastic glue and glued t' fin body bulkhead onto t' end o' tube as per instructions and set it aside t' dry.

Engine mount & stuffer bulkhead

Engine Mount & Stuffer Bulkhead

I then grabbed t' tube joiner and marked it at t' 1 1/2" mark and then used plastic glue t' glue t' stuffer bulkhead onto t' joiner tube.

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Fin Body & Lower Body Tube Assembly (2020-08-17 13:36:43)

Fin body was test fitted and then plastic glue applied as per instructions. Tube assembly be laid in place and other half o' fin body attached and taped together then set aside t' dry. In t' mean time I grabbed t' lower tube and marked t' tube for t' launch lugs. Once t' fin body was set I applied plastic glue it and twisted it into place. I then flipped t' tube around and usin' both carpenter's and plastic glue I glued t' Stuffer Bulkhead assembly into body tube. Next step was t' glue t' launch lugs on again usin' plastic glue. After they were glued on I glued on t' Scale Launch Lug Detail. Rocket was then set aside t' dry.

Lower Body Tube Assembly

Lower Body Tube Assembly

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Upper Body Tube, matey, Nose Cone, & Shock Cord Assembly (2020-08-17 14:48:46)

At this point in t' assembly (step 7. Fin Assembly) I am skippin' for now as I plan t' paint t' fins with flat paint before assembly. So on t' step 8. Ahoy! I applied three light bands o' carpenter's glue around t' stuffer tube and slid it in t' upper tube with a twistin' motion. I then cleaned up t' excess glue and set it aside t' dry. I then moved on t' t' nose cone. I took t' tip and glued in onto t' nose cone with plastic glue and set it aside t' dry also. Next I glued t' shock cord assembly into t' upper tube with carpenter's glue. Arrr! All that is left now is t' paint and attach t' parachute.

Upper Body Tube, Nose Cone, & Shock Cord Assembly

 Upper Body Tube, Nose Cone

Ready for primmer

Ready for primmer

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