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AKA: Goonster

Location: Lansing, MI

Certification Level: NAR

Club Memberships: JMRC NAR#620,S.M.A.S.H. NAR#500

Favorite Rockets: Goony Birds, DynaStar's - Snarky, Estes - E-Interseptors and any of my scratch builts


A native of Iowa, my family moved to Texas in early 60's where I first got into rocketry during the Apollo era when every kid wanted to be an astronaut. My introduction to the sport was an Astron X-Ray which I ordered from an add in Boy's Life Magazine through the Boy Scout's and launched with a medium sized 2" long grasshopper as a bug-a-naught. Both rocket and grasshopper survived the flight. Dropped out in 1966 due to military hitch then moved to Michigan after getting married and starting a 30 year career at G.M.. Was back into the hobby for a while in mid 70's before again dropping out until the late 90's just before my retirement. Now I truly am a Born Again Rocketeer and devote a lot more time to building and flying rockets. My current fleet has grown to over 100 (sixteen of which are Goony Birds). I also have a grandson now that I take to launches and that I help build rockets with and that will someday inherit my collection.

Favorite Quote:

"I'll never grow up" : Peter Pan

"Beam me up Scotty", "Warp Speed Ahead" : Star Trek's Captain Kirk

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Estes Puma (7256) - Primmer Time

Build Entry

Weather got up to 53 degrees today so I decided to take a chance and apply the primmer. Turned out OK. I tried a test piece with some black paint but it started to fog up as its not warm enough so will have to wait for warmer weather to do the color painting. Rocket primmed [More]

Estes Puma (7256) - Install Engine Mount & Prepare Recovery System

Build Entry

The final two steps were to glue the engine mount in and attach the nose cone and recovery system. All that is left now is to prime and paint when the weather warms up this spring. Engine Mount & NC installed Ready for primmer [More]

Estes Puma (7256) - Attaching Wing, Canards, & Launch Lugs

Build Entry

Next I glued the wing on. After allowing some drying time I attached the front strip "W" to the tail and body tube. Once it was dried I attached the canards and set the rocket aside to allow everything to dry. After that I glued on the launch lugs. Wing & Tail glued on Canards, ... [More]

Estes Puma (7256) - Wing & Tail Assembly

Build Entry

I first glued the tail onto the back wing and allowed it to dry. Next I glued the wing pods on. After they were dry I cut and glued the three pieces of wood dowel "O" in place. While they were drying I took the body tube and marked it as instructed as this was the next step in the instructions. ... [More]

Estes Puma (7256) - Wing & Tail Prep

Build Entry

OMG. I can't believe I'm so far behind. Ok so I glued together the three wing pieces and the two tail pieces and set them aside to dry. After allowing ample time for them to dry I then paper coated them. I also applied paper to part "J" of the wing pod. Wing, Conards & Tail prep [More]

Estes Lynx (7233) - Primmer time

Build Entry

Well weather finally got up to 53 degrees today so I decided to try and do some primer painting. I have four other rockets beside the Lynx that need primmer so will see how they turn out. Lynx primed [More]

Estes Expedition (7249) - Primmer time

Build Entry

Well weather finally got up to 53 degrees today so I decided to try and do some primer painting. I have four other rockets beside the Expedition that need primmer so will see how they turn out. Expedition primed [More]


Estes Puma (7256)



This is the third of the Estes 13mm powered rockets that I will build. Unlike the last two builds this one should be a little easier as I don't have to cut tubes. Production date stamp is 12/03/15. Estes Puma (7256) [More]

Estes Puma (7256) - Wing Pod Prep

Build Entry

After cutting out all parts (G-J) I dry fit them all together to see how hard they were going to be to paint and decided to color them first before assembly. Wing pod parts Wing pods glued together [More]

Estes Puma (7256) - Motor Mount

Build Entry

Once again this kit starts with the motor mount and a gain if you're all thumbs as I tend to be at times, a pair of tweezers will help with this section of the build as there are 8 tiny parts that need to be glued on the end of the motor mount. On a side note here: Check the green centering ring ... [More]


Estes Expedition (7249) - Install Engine Mount, Upper Shroud, & Launch Lugs

Build Entry

This is where I made the second alteration to this build. Pryor to doing step one of the instructions, I drilled a 1/16" hole in the top "O" ring and attached eight feet of Kevlar cord. I then glued tube "X" to the motor mount. 8' of Kevlar attached MM ready to install Once all that ... [More]

Estes Expedition (7249) - Attaching Farings

Build Entry

There are only three steps to this part of the build but this is where I encountered my first issue with the build. I tried gluing the first faring on with wood glue. What a mess I made. Will have to do a lot of sanding and priming to get a smooth finish here. Glued the other two farings on with ... [More]

Estes Expedition (7249) - Prepare Fins & Attaching

Build Entry

Next up was fin prep which is one of two slight alterations that I made to this build. All I did was to paper coat the fins after I cut them out and sanded them. Fins paper coated After allowing the fins to set over night the next thing I did was to mark the main body tube and glue the ... [More]

Estes Expedition (7249) - Marking Tubes & Cutting Out Farings

Build Entry

The next part of the build is thirteen steps. The first four are marking the center line for each of the farings. I then cut out the template and taped it on the tube which took care of steps five through seven. Tubes marked After that I took and exacto knife with a new blade and cut out ... [More]


Estes Expedition (7249) - Upper Body Shroud

Build Entry

Next up is the Upper Body Shroud. This is another quick four step process which I did as per instructions. Upper body shroud [More]

Estes Expedition (7249) - Engine Shroud & Engine Mount

Build Entry

As is typical with Estes kits the engine mount is first part of the rocket build. There are four steps in the shroud assembly. I did the first three and a half steps but before gluing part "K" into place I took a magic marker and colored the inside of the shroud. Engine shroud assembly ... [More]


Estes Expedition (7249)



Expedition (7249) I can hardly believe that I finally got this kit. This is one of three rockets that I got for Christmas. This is going to be such a great build, only draw back is that I have all winter to build it. OK parts check. All present and accounted for. Parts check [More]


Estes Lynx (7233) - Preparing Recovery System

Build Entry

The only thing left to do before prime and paint is to attach the nose cone and parachute. With this done I now have to wait till spring to paint. Here is a shot of her with her sister ship The Scorpion. Lynx & Scorpion [More]

Estes Lynx (7233) - Motor Mount

Build Entry

At this point I finally got around to installing the engine mount. Engine mount glued in [More]

Estes Lynx (7233) - Prepare and Install Intakes

Build Entry

The next step in the instructions has you install the engine mount but for what ever reason I skipped ahead to the intake prep and installation. I was able to cut both intakes from one tube. (Sorry about the fuzzy photo) Both intakes cut from one tube I then applied a bead of yellow wood ... [More]

Estes Lynx (7233) - Attaching Launch Lugs

Build Entry

The next step is attaching the launch lugs which is what I did. Some how in my haste to build I forgot to take a photo of this step. [More]


Estes Lynx (7233) - Attaching Wings and Fins

Build Entry

This is where the fun begins. I can see from the instructions that painting this bird is going to be interesting. That being said I have decided to pre-color some parts before assembly with a black marker. Bottom of wing was first. Bottom Wing I then followed the instructions and glued ... [More]

Estes Lynx (7233) - Marking Body Tube

Build Entry

The next step in the instructions have you make the BT for the wing and fin attachment which I did. [More]


Estes Lynx (7233) - Wing Assembly & Top Fin

Build Entry

The wings consist of ten pieces with and additional three pieces for the tail. As I'm going to be paper coating all balsa I glued everything together first. Wings & Tail Fin After all parts dried I proceeded to cover all balsa wood with paper. Here are the parts after papering and ... [More]


Estes Lynx (7233) - Motor Mount

Build Entry

As is typical of most Estes build this kit starts with the motor mount. Now if you're all thumbs as I tend to be at times, a pair of tweezers will help with this section of the build as there are 8 tiny parts that need to be glued on the end of the mount. On a side note here: Check the green ... [More]


Estes Lynx (7233)


The Lynx (7233) is one of three new rockets from Estes that feature a futuristic sci-fi design with twin scoops but in a smaller size than is normal for a skill level 3 build. This is a 13mm rocket that measures 13" in length, a dia. of .74 in. and a wt. of only 1.2 oz. Altitude is predicted at ... [More]


Mehcod 2


Maiden flight for replacement rocket. Loaded rocket with 18mm adapter and a C6-5 due to wind and I didn't want to lose this one like the last one. Rocket arced into the wind but still got some decent altitude. Parachute just past apogee with moderate drift down range. Good recovery with no damage. ... [More]

SS Kevin Andrew


Grabbed the 18mm adapter and loaded a C6-5 into it to keep down the altitude this flight. Good flight none the less. Parachute just past apogee and no damage on recovery. - C6-5 - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]

XF-48 White Knight


Not a bad launch but recovery wasn't so good. Main BT cracked in half on impact. Will need repair before flying again. - F15-6 - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]

Steve Lindeman


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