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AKA: Goonster

Location: Lansing, MI

Certification Level: NAR

Club Memberships: JMRC NAR#620,S.M.A.S.H. NAR#500

Favorite Rockets: Goony Birds, DynaStar's - Snarky, Estes - E-Interseptors and any of my scratch builts


A native of Iowa, my family moved to Texas in early 60's where I first got into rocketry during the Apollo era when every kid wanted to be an astronaut. My introduction to the sport was an Astron X-Ray which I ordered from an add in Boy's Life Magazine through the Boy Scout's and launched with a medium sized 2" long grasshopper as a bug-a-naught. Both rocket and grasshopper survived the flight. Dropped out in 1966 due to military hitch then moved to Michigan after getting married and starting a 30 year career at G.M.. Was back into the hobby for a while in mid 70's before again dropping out until the late 90's just before my retirement. Now I truly am a Born Again Rocketeer and devote a lot more time to building and flying rockets. My current fleet has grown to over 100 (sixteen of which are Goony Birds). I also have a granddaughter now that I take to launches and that I help build rockets with and that will someday inherit my collection. Her favorite rocket is my kit-bashed Cloud Hopper (Goonies are among her favorites as well).

Favorite Quote:

"I'll never grow up" : Peter Pan

"Beam me up Scotty", "Warp Speed Ahead" : Star Trek's Captain Kirk

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XF-48 White Knight


Due to wind rocket weather cocked badly. Not as much altitude as I wold have liked. Not sure what happened but parachute did not deploy. Rocket hit hard and destroyed NC and front half of rocket. Will try and rebuild. Batteries died in camera after first photo so no recovery photo (forgot to bring ... [More]

Stealth Cubit (18mm)


In spite of wind a good flight. Spun all the way up and down. Ejection charge fired just after cubit hit the ground. Slight paint chip on one edge. No other damage. - B6-4 - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]

Laser Lance


Open Rocket says 294' for a B6-4 so grabbed my 24x18 mm adapter and loaded it up. Good flight to a couple of hundred feet or so in spite of high wind. Ejection charge fired at apogee and rocket drifted back across flight line landing next to club trailer and was dragged under by wind resulting in ... [More]

D-Region Tomahawk


Last flight for the day due to wind. Should not have launched. Rocket weather cocked badly again but got some decent altitude. At ejection shock cord snapped and body tube came in ballistic way down range. NC drifted back in the opposite direction for a very, very long walk. On recovery of main ... [More]


XF-48 White Knight - Maiden Flight

Build Entry

Maiden flight was on an Estes F15-6 and took place at M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground Brooklyn, MI on 06-16-18. Nice slow climb to around 400'. Rocket did about 5 or 6 barrel rolls on the way up. Parachute at apogee. Slow decent with no damage on recovery. Beautiful 1st flight. XF-48 White ... [More]


Disc-A-Soarus III


Straight up with a slight wobble but good altitude. Delay way to long. Parachute did not deploy fully and spool game down hard enough to crack bottom CD. Repairable. - C6-5 - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]

Tinkerbell II


Great launch off rail. Altitude looked about right. Parachutes at apogee. One chute looked like not fully deployed till down to about 400'. No damage on recovery. - F15-8 - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]



Another great launch but that was it. At apogee parachute did not open when ejected. Rocket came down hard and split the BT just above the fins. Will require major rebuild. - D12-5 - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]

Lunar Express


2nd time I've tried this rocket with a 13mm motor and adapter. Nice straight flight with good altitude. Parachute at apogee and a nice decent. No damage on recovery. - A10-3T - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]

Scissor Wing Transport


Nice slow climb up to altitude. Ejection charge at apogee but glider nosed over to much. Not much glide and hard landing. Much damage on recovery. Wing sheared off again due to lawn dart. Parachute OK but end of boost tube shredded. Part of boost tube still in glider. Main BT of glider has a bad ... [More]



Another great flight for this rocket. Straight up with parachute at apogee. Good decent with rocket almost landing in club trailer. No damage. - D12-5 - JMRC-M.I.S./Graves Farm Campground [More]


Rockets By Style / Scratch-Built


XF-48 White Knight - Steve Lindeman


XF-48 White Knight - Decals & Rail Buttons

Build Entry

Today I managed to get the decals and the rail buttons put on. Not quit warm enough to clear coat so will wait for warmer weather. Decals and rail buttons added Close-up [More]


XF-48 White Knight - Crash and Burn

Build Entry

Well I knew one day it was going to happen. The hard drive in my Dell laptop finally died. I'll sure miss that Dell along with my current rocket files. Bought a new "hp" laptop with Windows 10 and downloaded Open Rocket but this computer can't read the .jar files. May have to finish this build ... [More]


XF-48 White Knight - Painting

Build Entry

Here it is end of February in Michigan and it hit 60 degrees out today. Well needless to say I managed to do some painting. Applied 2 coats of Rust-Oleum 2X Gloss White to body and NC. Left outside to air dry. Weather man says more snow for Thursday (3"-5") so won't get any more work done till ... [More]


XF-48 White Knight - Decal layout for tails

Build Entry

The 5 designates this as my fifth scratch build design. [More]


XF-48 White Knight - Paint

Build Entry

Finally got her into the paint shop. First coat of primer applied. Time now to sand and go over everything before main coat. Primed [More]


Tinkerbell - Final Flight

Build Entry

Well I tempted fate on Saturday Sept. 23, 2017 and flew it on an F20-7W. I added rail buttons to the rocket and it was a beautiful launch. Altitude was around 1100'. Wind was light but enough to blow it across the range and out into a farmer's alfalfa field. Lost sight of it as it came down behind ... [More]


XF-48 White Knight - Air scoops, Tails, & Canopy

Build Entry

Next day I added the air scoops, tails and canopy. First of two scoops glued on Both scoops glued on After scoops were glued on the tails were next. Trimmed canopy added [More]

XF-48 White Knight - Wings attached

Build Entry

I decided not to try and add fin tabs and just go ahead and glue them on. Glad I double lined the wing mount lines on the BT as the plywood had a slight warp that needed attention. After giving glue time to dry I went back over all fillets with another layer of glue. I then set the rocket up ... [More]

XF-48 White Knight - Tails

Build Entry

So I couldn't find the missing tails so grabbed some leftover balsa and cut new ones. I then laid out some wax paper and filled the slots with Elmer's WoodFiller. After allowing some drying time I then sanded and paper coated them. [More]


XF-48 White Knight - Parts

Build Entry

Here is what I have so far. XF-48 parts XF-48 bottom view (air intakes are 1" dia.) XF-48 top view (I don't like the canopy so will redo it) The tails will be two modified Big Daddy fins that I have left over from when I built the 3D MD (3D Mega Daddy) as I used plywood for ... [More]


XF-48 White Knight


The XF-48 White Knight is my latest concept fighter for the U.S. Air Force. The finished build will be 36.5" long with a 2" diameter. It will have twin tails and twin air intakes. I'm going to build it with a 29mm MM (mostly for flying on Estes Pro Series E and F motors). Wings will be 1/8" ... [More]


Rockets by Manufacturer / Custom Rockets


Custom Rockets - The Flash


Rockets By Style / Scratch-Built


Steve Lindeman's - Spartacus


Rockets By Style / Scratch-Built


Steve Lindeman's - Tinkerbell


Rockets by Manufacturer / Estes


Estes - Mega Der Red Max (9705) [2013-]


Estes Cosmic Interceptor - Decals and Clear coating

Build Entry

The final step was to add the decals. All decals were trimmed as close as possible and as such were a bit difficult to apply but with the aid of some Windex all were applied to my satisfaction. After giving rocket one more afternoon to dry I clear coated it with two coats to seal everything up. ... [More]

Estes Cosmic Interceptor - NC Detailing

Build Entry

I'm sorry I neglected to take any photos of the next set of steps but I'll tell you what I did. The NC has 5 black panels and 2 black vents shown in the cover photo to which there are no decals provided on the decal sheet. So taking my frog tape, I masked off all of these. I then took an exacto ... [More]

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