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Estes Lynx (7233)

By Steve Lindeman

Estes - Lynx {Kit} (7233) [2014-]

The Lynx (7233) is one of three new rockets from Estes that feature a futuristic sci-fi design with twin scoops but in a smaller size than is normal for a skill level 3 build. This is a 13mm rocket that measures 13" in length, a dia. of .74 in. and a wt. of only 1.2 oz. Altitude is predicted at 400'. The Lynx and her sister ship The Scorpion (7232) share all the same basic parts but just have different styled wings. Production date for this kit was 12/28/16.

Estes Lynx (7233)

Lynx (7233)



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Motor Mount (2019-12-11 16:01:55)

As is typical of most Estes build this kit starts with the motor mount. Now if you're all thumbs as I tend to be at times, a pair of tweezers will help with this section of the build as there are 8 tiny parts that need to be glued on the end of the mount. On a side note here: Check the green centering ring that you split before gluing it on to ensure proper length for wood pieces. After gluing the white marking ring on all eight pieces of wood were glued on.

Motor mount

Lynx motor mount

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Wing Assembly & Top Fin (2019-12-12 11:03:56)

The wings consist of ten pieces with and additional three pieces for the tail. As I'm going to be paper coating all balsa I glued everything together first.

Wings & Tail

Wings & Tail Fin

After all parts dried I proceeded to cover all balsa wood with paper. Here are the parts after papering and prior to painting.

Parts after papering

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Marking Body Tube (2019-12-14 16:27:08)

The next step in the instructions have you make the BT for the wing and fin attachment which I did.

Marking BT

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Attaching Wings and Fins (2019-12-14 16:53:25)

This is where the fun begins. I can see from the instructions that painting this bird is going to be interesting. That being said I have decided to pre-color some parts before assembly with a black marker. Bottom of wing was first.

Bottom Wing

Bottom Wing

I then followed the instructions and glued the tail fin assembly on to the body tube. Next I glued the bottom wing on and let dry. After drying I glued the top wings on and the front conards. I then let everything set over night. The following day I squared up the wing ends and glued on the wing tips.

Wings & Tail

Tail & Wings glued on

Tail & wings

Back End

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Attaching Launch Lugs (2019-12-28 13:59:05)

The next step is attaching the launch lugs which is what I did. Some how in my haste to build I forgot to take a photo of this step.

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Prepare and Install Intakes (2019-12-28 14:09:20)

The next step in the instructions has you install the engine mount but for what ever reason I skipped ahead to the intake prep and installation. I was able to cut both intakes from one tube. (Sorry about the fuzzy photo)

Intakes cut

Both intakes cut from one tube

I then applied a bead of yellow wood glue to the first intake and glued it on. I then did the same with the other intake.

Intakes glued on Intakes glued on

Intakes glued on

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Motor Mount (2019-12-28 14:30:57)

At this point I finally got around to installing the engine mount.

Motor mount glued in

Engine mount glued in

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Preparing Recovery System (2019-12-28 14:43:39)

The only thing left to do before prime and paint is to attach the nose cone and parachute. With this done  I now have to wait till spring to paint. Here is a shot of her with her sister ship The Scorpion.

Lynx & Scorpion

Lynx & Scorpion

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