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Estes Jetliner (3230)

By Steve Lindeman

Estes - Jetliner {Kit} (003230)

I ordered this kit on ebay on Sunday 9/16/12 and just received in t' mail today (9/19/12). Fast service. Well, blow me down! This be t' newest kit from Estes and is nay yet listed in thar 2012 catolog but available on ebay. Aye aye! It looks t' me t' be designed on Boing's 737 line o' jetliners. Begad! More t' follow as I build.


Lester Anderson (September 19, 2012)

Avast ye Matey, me hearties, it may be swear like a Pirate Day, shiver me timbers, but me thinks you be hammin it up a wee bit thick there. All in all, get t' t' buildin' and stop yammerin' about your latest treasure.

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Quandary (2012-09-20 21:02:03)

I can't make up me mind on power for this build. I was goin' t' go with a stock build but after puttin' t' MM together and lookin' at it and havin' built sixteen Goonybirds so far, shiver me timbers, (check out My Goonybirds under photo albums on this site t' see t' rest), me bucko, this kit is screamin' for an 18mm mount as well. After all, it be t' same size as me Zoom Broom or Cloud Hopper. Avast, me proud beauty! What t' do, what t' do.


Lester Anderson (September 20, 2012)

As big as this one is, shiver me timbers, I was plannin' 18 mm when I build it myself. 13mm just seems t' low powered t' me.

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Assemble Engine Mount (2012-09-21 17:08:49)

I did these seven steps already but I'm re-doin' them for an 18mm mount upgrade. Ya scallywag! Blimey! On a side note: I'm sittin' here lookin' at t' 13mm mount and thinkin' how good would this fly as a Spool Rocket??

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Fin Prep, Tube Marking, Win' Assembly (2012-09-21 17:16:03)

Followed t' next three steps o' t' build as per instructions. At this point I will be addin' one step as I am paperin' all balsa pieces for a stronger better lookin' finish.


Lester Anderson (September 21, 2012)

Pictures man, where are t' new pictures t' show your progress? As a bit o' constructive critisizm, try t' take a new picture o' t' parts every other step. Well, blow me down! I know a lot o' people who read this site will know what you mean by just readin' your progress, arrr, but you might get interestin' pointers if you include more pictures.

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Attachin' Wing, Tail Fin, & Stabilizers (2012-09-21 23:17:41)

Time for win' attachment. Blimey! Blimey! For this step I'm goin' t' be usin' wood glue for added strength. Drew a fresh line down t' center o' win' top after paperin' it so that I can line it up with BT. After applyin' a bead o' glue on win' I set it on t' BT makin' sure all lines matched. Ya scallywag! Blimey! After holdin' in for a couple o' minuets I carefully turned it over and set it on t' table t' dry. Begad! Blimey! While that set up I went ahead and glued t' tail fin on bein' careful nay t' move t' BT around. After they set for half an hour I finished gluin' t' stabilizers on and again gave it some dryin' time. Well, blow me down! Blimey! After that I glued on t' win' attachments and t' launch lug. Settin' all aside t' dry over night.

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Engine Mount Instalation (2012-09-22 15:37:03)

I was a bit surprised that this step was done this late in t' build as I'm used t' doin' it in t' first couple o' steps. Well, blow me down! Needless t' say t' measurement Estes gives for t' glue circle inside t' BT for t' MM had t' be moved further in due t' 18mm mount bein' installed. That bein' done t' next setp in t' instructions calls for t' paint job.

Side note: Discovered that I glued MM in upside down. Begad! Nay sure how that happened as I test fitted it with t' clip down and then some how it ended bein' glued in up. Well, blow me down! Oh well.

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Painting (2012-09-22 15:53:40)

Paintin' o' this rocket will be easy. First I sprayed a coat o' Rust-Olium 2x white primer over entire rocket and gave it a couple o' hours t' dry while I ran a couple o' errands for t' wife. Next grabbed t' 400 grit sandpaper and gave rocket a light sanding, arrr, then followed that with a final coat o' primer. Arrr! After allowin' rocket t' air dry about half an hour I applied t' first coat o' Krylon Gloss White followed shortly thar after by a second coat. Rocket will now be allowed t' dry overnight.

Primed and ready for gloss coat

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Rocket Finishing (2012-09-23 22:45:46)

Wet sanded entire rocket with 1000 grit paper for smooth finish and then applied a final coat o' Krylon Gloss White paint then took it outside t' air dry in t' sunlight. Blimey! After allowin' most o' t' day t' dry I applied t' decals and sat it on t' table outside t' air dry again. Arrr! Startin' t' get cold so will be movin' indoors for rest. OK, so now t' rocket will get clear coated. Avast! From here all I have t' do is finish installin' t' shock cord and recovery system steps o' t' instructions and that will complete this build.


Lester Anderson (September 24, me hearties, 2012)

Looks good. I need t' get one for myself now.

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Bottom gloss coat

Bottom primered

Bottom shot with MM's

Glamour Shot

Head-on view

Just openin' shippin' box

Package Back

Package Front

Tail view

Top gloss coat

Top primered

Top shot 1

Top shot 2

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