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Estes Leviathan on H90 for L1 Certification

My High Power Rockety Level 1 Certification Flight. Flown with an Estes Leviathan on a CTI 29mm H90 with 9 seconds delay.. The rocket was modified to include an ejection baffle, paracord shock cord, and 36" parachute. The baffles were heavy, so 3.5 ounces were added to the nose of the rocket. When the rocket engine stopped accelerating, the drag on the body of the rocket caused it to slow much faster than the heavy nose cone. This caused early parachute deployment about one second after the motor finished its burn. Everything turned out okay because the shock cord was overbuilt.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Leviathan {Kit} (9700) [2012-2017]

Author ImpulseControl160N
Duration 81 seconds
Rating Good

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