Overall Rating: starstarstarstarstar_border
Diameter: 0.93 inches
Length: 4.50 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Skill Level: 1
Style: RTF

 [Picture]These are extremely cute, must-have rocket!  They are literally not much larger than a Mosquito. I saw them and had to have them and at a measly $5 for the both of them . . . why not?

There is NO construction they are 100% RTF. 

The Fury is orange and has a conical shape from almost the rear to the nose with a  rounded tip, a severe  severe boat-tail at the rear with longish, alpha-like fins.  The Fury was fine although it had a launch lug fall off in the package.  I simply glued it back on.

The Torque is a charcoal color and is reminiscent of a V2 with stretched fins.  It had a very loose nose cone which I needed to tape a little since the shock cord tended to spring up and push it off.  On the first flight the nose cone separated early but with such a small rocket it did not matter.

I have flown them both on the new 1/4A motors and they scoot . . . even on such small motors.  I would hesitate to launch on A10's for fear of never seeing them again.  Losing them to the mosquito gods.  But I am drooling over the idea of sticking an Apogee B7-8 in the Fury! (Hehehehe)

Tumble recovery was fine in both.  I did not bother with the streamers since I saw no point especially since I will never launch with anything over a 1/2A in it.

No damage on several flights of each and with no streamer.  There is no need for wadding and I have noticed no shock cord damage. Translation: easy prep!

Summary: I love the size and for rockets this small I do not mind RTF so much.  In fact I would have no problem owing a fleet of these too cute little buggers :-)

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


Steve Lindeman (August 24, 2012)

I also purchased this pair of rockets several years ago but I did not hesitate to launch them on A10-3T's. I also used the streamers. The Torque took off to the rocket gods and was never seen again. The Fury however due to its bright orange color was retrieved to be flown several times again.

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