Modification Mongoose Modification

Modification - Mongoose

Contributed by Shawn Bradley

Manufacturer: Modification

Rocket PicBrief:
Modification from a 2-stage model to however many stages you want.

Put together exactly as the instructions indicate, then get extra booster assemblies and put them together. At the launch field, butt all the motors you need together, then slide into all the booster assemblies, and put the factory-supplied booster assembly at the bottom (you might want to fit this for a D-engine).

All you really need for construction is the extra booster assemblies. Also need to have a launch lug for the bottom booster.

Pros: looks like a real performer, very high altitude, flights are straight, I recommend using C's on the bottom 2 assemblies and then use weaker motors going up

Cons: costs a lot, probably won't see rocket again.

I love this rocket, although I never saw it again!

If you want to recover this model, fly in a VERY large field (this can achieve altitudes of 2500!)

EMRR's NOTE: EMRR modified the standard Mongoose picture to give a concept of what the author is talking about. We are a bit concerned over the "safety" aspect of this design, however, we liked the innovation of the author and therefore decided to post it. Caution! Be sure to check the rocket for stability (can someone submit a RockSim on this concept?). Adding the additional boosters may add too much weight to the back of the rocket thereby moving the CG below the CP. Nose weight will probably be necessary!

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