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Estes - Mongoose {Kit} (2092) [1994-]


Center Of Pressure: 23.1500 inches from front (Rocksim/Rocksim)
Decals: Self-Stick
Diameter: 0.9800 inches
Fin Material: Plastic
Length: 26.5000 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2092
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1994-
Recommended Motors: A8-3, B4-4, B6-0/A8-5, B6-0/B6-6, B6-0/C6-7, C6-0/A8-5, C6-0/B6-6, C6-0/C6-7, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 1
Status: In-Production
Style: Multi-Stage
Weight: 2.3000 ounces


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Estes 2092 Mongoose Flying Model Rocket Kit
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Estes 2092 Mongoose Flying Model Rocket Kit
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Estes 2092 Mongoose Kit Skill Level 1 047776020924
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Recommended Motors: B4-4, B6-0/B4-4

Estes B4-4 Engine Pack (3-Each)
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Estes B6-0 Engine Pack (3-Each)
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Estes 2274 Recovery Wadding
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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
1996-07-04Ron Watkins's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Good flight-good stage separation-predicted altitude 1,010 ft. -good recovery.
1998-09-17Paul Smith's Estes MongooseA8-3- Hit asphalt with one fin at high speed on landing. Slight BT bend just above fins. One fin ...
1998-09-18Paul Smith's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-4- Severe BT bend. Landed on grass at high speed, but existing weakness too much. No longer fliable.
1998-09-29Paul Smith's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-4- Lost sight of second stage, didn't find until next launch. This was the first flight of the ...
1998-10-02Paul Smith's Estes MongooseB4-4- (Second Stage Only) Landed 20' from pad
1998-11-17Paul Smith's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Lost a launch lug - found later still attached to launch rod. Flew perfectly, straight and quite ...
1999-04-24Paul Smith's Estes MongooseA8-0/1/2A6-4- Perfect
1999-05-02Paul Smith's Estes MongooseC6-0/C6-7- Flew horizontally, over a woods. Never saw sustainer again. Recovered booster.
2000-03-12Robert Schuette's Estes MongooseB4-4- Nice launch and flight. Not enough streamer, bent rocket upon landing just above fins. Still ...
2000-04-04Shawn Bradley's Estes Mongoose4xC6- I modified my mongoose so it has 4 booster stages, never saw it again. Must of gone at least ...
2000-05-05Casey Smith's Estes MongooseC6-0/C6-7- Due to rod whip, this kit went at an angle of the pad and looked like a stage cruise missle. Never ...
2000-11-12David Urbanek's Estes MongooseC6-0/C6-7- Slowish boost. Arced a lot. 7 seconds too long. Streamer too small.
2001-05-17Jonathan Elder's Estes MongooseB6-0/A8-3- Slight weather cock, early charge (duh, look at the engines used), perfect delpoyment, no dammage ...
2002-04-13Tim Burger's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Nice staged flight.
2002-05-11Michael Mangieri's Estes MongooseB4-4- Single stage flight - very good - best launch of the day. Fins melted a bit (too close to the ...
2002-05-27Tim Burger's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Nice high flight - I was watching the booster, recovery crew watching sustainer. Both parts found ...
2002-06-18Michael Mangieri's Estes MongooseB6-0/A8-5- Nice flight - straight up, clean sustainer ignition, went quite high. Chute opened nicely - then, ...
2002-09-07Tim Burger's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Good flight - good staging. Deployed OK, but broke fin on very hard ground.
2002-11-09Tim Burger's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Nice staging, good flight.
2003-03-22Tim Burger's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Good stage, good flight. Gave to young D. May since his was lost earlier in the day.
2003-04-14R Turner's Estes MongooseC6-0/A8-5- Perfect flight both motors. Booster impailed in grass huge dent in tube. Rocket drifted into ...
2003-07-06Rocky Firth's Estes MongooseB4-4- Launched just the second stage for a great flight and recovery.
2003-08-18Lee Smith's Estes MongooseB6-0/C6-5- Wow..Lost sight of rocket. Booster crimped after hard landing. Rocket vanished for what seemed ...
2003-11-16Joe Gumby's Estes MongooseB6-4- perfect flight, B6-0 B6-6 results in out of sight flight. Streamer is far too small.
2003-11-22David Logan's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Perfect staging and deployment. Crimped sustainer on landing. Also melted sustainer fin can a bit.
2004-05-15Darwin May's Estes MongooseA8-3- It didn't go very high this time. I did however get a good spot landing. It was 2 inches from the ...
2004-05-16David Sindel's Estes MongooseA8-3- Launch lug stuck on pad :(
2004-06-26David Logan's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- NARTREK Bronze two stage flight. Time to retire this one soon, the fin units are starting to melt ...
2004-07-19Forrest Henry's Estes MongooseB6-0/A8-3- Didn't want to lose the rocket on a gusty day, so we gave it a weak upper stage. Flight and ...
2004-07-19Forrest Henry's Estes MongooseB6-4- Nose cone came untied on ejection, but everything was recovered fine and easy to repar for the 2 ...
2004-08-02Dana Ryman's Estes MongooseB6-0/A8-3- I needed this for my last requirement for NARTREK Bronze. Excellent maiden flight. I accidently ...
2004-08-09Matt Gillard's Estes MongooseC6-0/A8-3- Good straight flight, booster stage separated from rocket, both ends recovered.
2005-03-20James Robinson's Estes MongooseC6-7800 feet I wasted two ingniters then my wife got ingnition on third. The rocket lifted off out of sight. ...
2005-06-27Reid Smith's Estes MongooseA8-3- Launched as a single stage, went up maybe 150 feet. Never slowed down before it hit the gravel ...
2006-06-24Chris Coffin's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- NARTREK Bronze two stage flight requirement. Also my first ever two stage flight. Flew straight as ...
2007-08-17Chris Halinaty's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6-
2008-03-29Chris Halinaty's Estes MongooseC6-0/C6-5- Booster tube creased and needs repair.
2008-03-29Chris Halinaty's Estes MongooseB6-0/C6-7-
2008-10-13David Sindel's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6- Sims estimated 900 feet, I concur.
2008-11-16David Sindel's Estes MongooseA8-3-
2009-01-18David Sindel's Estes MongooseD12-0/A8-3- Used a 10 24mm saucer for the booster. Staging was at a side angle but it recovered safely.
2009-03-10John Adams's Estes MongooseC6-0/C6-7- Nice flight. Weather vaned a bit. Booster flew a long way (kinda glided). Recovered under ...
2009-03-22 Moe Bertrand's Estes MongooseB6-0/A6-4- Nice 1st flight of my Mongoose out of the tower. Booster came in ballistic just feet from the ...
2009-08-03John Adams's Estes MongooseC6-0/C6-7- Sweet flight. Weather-vaned a little. Came down on a streamer for a not-so-long walk. Booster went ...
2010-09-19John French's Estes MongooseC6-5- First flight, as single stage. Flew straight and quite high, perfect ejection at apogee, field too ...
2011-08-10Tyler Runyon's MongooseC6-5- Flew perfectly straight. I saw ejection. Looked down for a second, and it was gone! Oh well, buy ...
2013-06-22Chris Halinaty's Estes MongooseB6-0/B6-6-
2016-02-21Ken E. Coyote's MongooseB6-0/A8-3700 feet First staged flight! Rocket rose up quickly, staged quickly and was almost out of sight! Got back ...

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