By Bill Eichelberger



This project was inspired by a post in the NAR Group on Facebook.  Louie Berlin had a picture of his lineup of Estes Rogues, one of which was obviously oversized.  Being the owner of five Rogues myself, a BT-5 downscale, a BT-20 original, BT-50 and BT-55 upscales, and a BT-60 QModeling version, I was instantly intrigued.  Louie had gone me one better, with what looked to be a BT-80 version with a custom nose cone.  I made a mental note to save my pennies and talk to Sandman about a custom cone, but after conferring with Louie, I learned that he had just gone the simple route of buying an Estes PSII Nike Smoke kit, and going from there.  

I ordered my PSII Nike Smoke that night from Hobbylinc.  Quite the bargain.

(Apologies for the truncated kit pic.  I'd already started the project when I decided to do the build on here.)