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AKA: Wallyum, Fishhead, Fire Marshall Bill

Location: Ft. Thomas, KY

Certification Level: NAR - Bronze

Club Memberships: Wright Stuff Rocketeers,Dayton,OH,QUARK,Cincinnati,OH

Favorite Rockets: Estes Condor, Estes Satellite Interceptor, any Goony, Semroc Lil Hustler, Centuri Raven, Centuri USS America, Centuri Mach 10, FSI Viking


First started flying in the summer of 1977.  Lost interest in college, made the classic mistake of giving almost all of my rockets away, then started over in the early 90's after my son was born.  Sam and I flew an occasional mix of semi-RTF stuff until my brother in law took me to a launch in Cleveland in 2001, after which the bug bit hard once again.  Since then I've gone with the occasional ebbs and flows of the hobby, seen a lot of changes, made a lot of friends, and lost a great field.   

Favorite Quote:

"No one respects the flame quite like the fool who's badly burned" - Pete Townshend Pages:


Estes - Fat Boy Mini


Straight off the pad with very little drift on recovery. Perfect small field bird. Landed almost on the flight line. - 1/2A3-4 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Estes - JBR-013


Straight off the pad. Low level flight with perfect recovery by the shitter. This is one of JBRs best designs. - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Estes - Big Dawg


Another flight that flirted with THE tree on recovery, but overall a great flight. - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Semroc - Stellar Spartan


Straight flight with big drift toward the road on recovery. Dodged power lines, gravel lot, trees and the street. Nose cone rebounded into the top of the body tube and lost a chunk. - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Estes - X-16


Straight flight with infield recovery and no bonus damage - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Estes - Hi-Flier


Unstable from the time it left the pad. I know this sometimes happens with C6 flights, but not A8s. - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

MPC - Flare Patriot


Same flight path as the Mini Big Red Max before it. - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Fishhead Rocketry - Goony Vector G


Fat rocket for this small an engine, but an excellent flight with parawad recovery. Almost landed on me, but close to the pad and no damage. - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Fishhead Rocketry - Warlord


Interesting flight. Curved toward the softball field, ejected and began flying backwards before the chute filled. Sideways recover due to shock cord getting tangled on the big fin. - A8-3 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]

Estes - Wolverine


I've never really figured this one out. Unstable and now retired. Time to build a new one. - 1/2A3-4 - Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky [More]


National Association of Rocketry Jet Freak (Plan)


Brief I found the NAR Jet Freak plan several years ago, but my history with gliders made me more than a little hesitant about attempting a build. But when a boost glide event came up in one of our club contests, I pulled it out and gave ... [More]


Estes Kadet (Kit)


Brief This was a project that came out of a cleaning session in my build room. I had been looking for a project in the plan collection at YORF. I clicked on the Kadet plan and realized that I had everything I needed laying around my build room. The fin can was ... [More]


Estes Vector (Clone)


Brief Back in the early days of Ebay I picked up a lot of Estes kit decals that somehow didn't make it onto the rockets they were meant for. Quite a few of them were minimum diameter BT-5 and BT-20 kits from the mid to late 80's, rockets that would rarely be noticed unless you happened to ... [More]


Estes Generic E2X (Kit)


Brief Once available only in a bulk pack, the Estes Generic E2X has recently been released as a stand-alone kit. I don't have much interest in E2X kits, but on occasion I build one to have an idea how tough it might be for a group build. Recently I was in Hobby Lobby, in the mood to build ... [More]


Estes 220 Swift (Kit)


Brief For the old-timers, the 220 Swift is simply a Mosquito in an updated body with sticker graphics. The Swift is another of the "fire and forget" mini engine birds. I can't imagine that the recovery rate on these is anywhere close to 30%. Components BT-5 main body tube ... [More]


New Way Space Models Check-It (Kit)


Brief Back in the infancy of my BARdom, I found a square tube that a component for a printer I used came in. At the time, every tube I came in contact with was fair game for potential rocket designs, and I thought up a doozy for the square tube. Several attempts with balsa blocks and ... [More]


Semroc Cherokee C (Kit)


Brief The Estes Cherokee D was one of the first vintage kits I tried my hand at cloning when I first picked up the hobby as a BAR. Even though I'd mistakenly identified the PNC-55BB nose cone as the correct one for the project, I was quite happy with how it turned out, and if not for an ... [More]


FSI Dart (Clone)


Brief I'm always on the lookout for vintage rockets on Ebay. Something about continuing the career of old veterans appeals to me, and I picked up several mystery birds from a collection back in the summer of 2012. The only notation on the rocket in question was "Mach Buster", so after ... [More]


Scratch Rascal 1.59x (Upscale)


Brief I picked up a poorly started attempt at an Estes Rascal via Ebay several years back, then took eight years to finally clone the rocket using the only parts I could salvage, the nose cone and decal sheet. I really liked the finished product, and like all rockets with the Goony profile, ... [More]


Rockets by Manufacturer / NewWay Space Models


New Way Check It glamour shot.JPG


Estes Star Wars Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (Kit)


Brief A seldom seen bird from the last Star Wars craze, the Darth Vader Tie Fighter is one of those rockets that you look at and say "No way that can fly right." Well, based on my experience, you might be right. Components Darth Vader Tie Fighter plastic model plastic ... [More]


Estes Astron Spaceman (Kit)


Brief Several years back, EMRR had a NASCAR themed contest. Slapping a bunch of sponsors decals on a rocket seemed too easy, and I've never been one known for my creative flair. I had been a Richard Petty fan since the age of 9, so deciding on the subject was easy, but I wanted something ... [More]


Semroc Lil' Hercules (Kit)


Brief The Semroc version of the Centuri Lil' Hercules, a "pee-wee" rocket offered by Centuri from 1965 when it was the Lil' Hercules, to 1983, by which time it was the Lil' Herc and had a spiffy new paint job just in time for Centuri's end. Basically a nose cone with fins, the Semroc version ... [More]


MRC XR-20 (Kit)


Brief MRC, or Model Rectifier Corporation, was a comparitively short-lived low-power company from the late 80's. Several years ago a number of their kits were available on Ebay, and being a new BAR, I picked an XR-20 and a Firefighter since anything old and OOP was good, right? I was ... [More]


Fun Rockets Wicked Winnie (Kit)


Brief Back in the good ol' days when Hobby Lobby could be counted on to stock a variety of kits from companies other than the Big E, I picked the Fun Rockets Wicked Winnie up on clearance for a song. I'd already owned a Tangent and Zoomie, so when I saw this one on the block it was just ... [More]


Estes Astrosat LSX (Kit)


Brief Talk about rockets that get no respect. I bought the AstroSat LSX because I lost my scratch built Marauder on an ill-advised C6-5 flight at B6-4 Field back in the early years. I filched the cone, then let the rest of the rocket sit on the dusty corner of the workbench until one night a ... [More]


Quest Full Moon (Kit)


Brief Picked up as an afterthought back in the days when Quest products were still available in local retail outlets, the Full Moon languished in my kit storage cabinet for several years before catching my eye one cold winter night when I was in the mood to build something quick. The Full ... [More]


Estes PSII Rogue



This project was inspired by a post in the NAR Group on Facebook. Louie Berlin had a picture of his lineup of Estes Rogues, one of which was obviously oversized. Being the owner of five Rogues myself, a BT-5 downscale, a BT-20 original, BT-50 and BT-55 upscales, and a BT-60 QModeling version, I ... [More]


Rockets by Manufacturer / Sunward


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