By Steve Lindeman


Diameter:0.9800 inches
Length:22.2500 inches
Skill Level:2

This will be a rebuild of my 1981 Estes Satellite Interceptor (1296). My orignal plan was to just sand it down and repaint it again along with some minor patch work due to years of flying and recoveries but as I started sanding the BT I ran into trouble as I got down to the spirels and the tube split open. At that point I new I had to replace the BT so I got out the X-acto knife and cut the rest balsa parts off and started sanding them down. I then grabbed an 18" BT 50 tube and cut it to the same length as the orignal. Next step will be to go over to Jim Z's to get the orignal instructions and decal scans. Wish I had some decal paper but will end up printing them out on paper and then cutting them out and glueing them on with a glue stick.

All original parts cut off and glued on new tube




So needless to say I did not have to do steps 1 and 2 as I pulled the old MM from old rocket tube and glued it into the new tube. At this point I also skipped step 3 as I will be replaceing the old shock cord and parachute with new ones. Next completed steps 4-6. Skipped step 7, and went on to steps 8 and 9. Here again I deviated from the plans. I really didn't care for the down swept wings and straight stabs so I switched their positions.

Repositioned Wings & Stabs



OK, yesterday I got the first coat of Rust-Olium 2x White primer sprayed on set it aside to dry for a short period of time. After that I went over rocket again with HobbieLite to fill in holes in glue joints. After allowing some time for it dry again I then went over rocket with 400 grit sandpaper. Wiped rocket down and then sprayed another light coat of primer on. After everything dried again I applied the first coat of Krylon Gloss White and set it outside to air dry. After about an hour or so I sprayed on second coat and put rocket up to dry for a day or so. Will be working on decals next.

Satellite Interceptor primmed



Well this is taking longer than I thought. So far I've printed out 4  different sizes and still haven't got them just right. Really need to load this scan into Windows Paint and clean it up as well. I was looking at them the other night and there not as good as they could be. A lot of fuzzy edges. Plus the wife has been on me about starting spring cleaning so don't know when I'll get back to finish this build.  

Decal Scans



Well I finally got around to finishing this rocket. I was able to get the size I wanted for the decals and after some touch up work in Windows Paint I printed them out and cut them all out and glued them on with a glue stick. That was followed by two coats of Dupli-Color CLEAR EFFEX clear coat. Rocket is air drying over night. Will try to do photo shoot tomorrow.

Glamour Shots