Modification - Saturn V Modification

Contributed by Glenn Roth

Manufacturer: Modification

Glenn with SaturnBrief:
After my Saturn crashed, I've made what I call critical changes which may be helpful in other models.

1) baffle ejection

2) wider, heavier "parachute tube"

3) created a separation in middle of that tube for faster chute deployment

4) 1-2% increase in "clear auxilary fins," made from any plastic retail case, glued to original fins w/epoxy. (shows original fins, and gives better stability)

5) additional 12" chute for upper body

6) uses E30-4 *** in little to NO WIND***

1) Sealed end of engine tube, with peice of spent engine and card board and drilled horizontal holes thru engine tube. Used paper punch to cut holes in second "centering ring." (got this idea for ejection baffle here). (make sure u seal tube first , or integrity of tube reduced).

Sealed Engine

2) Parachute tube is a much larger "mail tube," about 2 1/8" in dia., cut in half. Mounted second shroud in "front half" of mailing tube, w/transition to the BT 50.

3) Peice of Kevlar string gets tied to the "eye screw" on nose cone, and passes down through the parachute tube to end, where 12" chute tied and packed first.

4) Then a 24" chute packed next, and finally th 36" chute in top section of bt. Tape nose cone for a tight fit.** With any luck, 12" chute will pull out 24"chute, and main body will pull out 36" chute.

Parts are from the standard kit w/one from an 2 1/8" mail tube, cut in half; BT 80 (not shown); BT50; 8 clear plastic fins; 6+ centering rings; made from cardboard shipping envelopes (example: proiority mail).

Mid Separation

I salvaged what I could from old damaged parts, and repainted new peices.

Rebuild complete and flew today on an E30-4. Perfect flight, straight up.

No chute opened but, deployed ok and sustain no damage. Have to try a single large chute made from nylon. Landed about 15' away.

Two peices of long elastic for shock cord; takes a little patience to load. No chute opened so will try a single large chute.

Original auxilary fins too small and should be attached. At least two large chutes, and one small one for upper body. Difficult chute deployment due to undersized chute tube.

Love the detail and challenge of build. Had one good flight out of first three. However, that flight was awesome!! Want to recreate again and again. (wish I had originally built for an F motor. Very heavy, right at max weight. Large aux fins attached to originals a must.

New "rebuild" flew fine except chutes didn't open, deployed ok. Flew nice and straight, about 350'.

Take your time; use largest motor u can afford!


Ralph M Bohm (April 22, 2021)

Thank you, Glenn for the comprehensive review.

I have a few of these kits and just received the newer Skylab version all of them 1/100th scale.

At this moment, I'm thinking about reinforcing the body tube inside and/or out with fiberglass and go with a H motor.

I have not yet "simmed" the prospective build in OpenRocket or RocketSim so need to do that before going any further and hope to remember to update this posting.

(The reason for considering an H motor is I'd like to play with this towards my Level 1 certification).


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