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Estes V-2 (3228)

By Steve Lindeman

Estes V2 (24mm)

Semi-scale model o' t' V2 rocket.

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General Inspection & Build Start (2012-07-19 23:22:59)

Received kit in t' mail yesterday. Begad! Blimey! Shippin' box was slightly damaged but contents were packed in air pillows and un-damaged. Opened bag and checked that all parts o' rocket were thar and un-damaged.

Parts Lay-out

Kit Contents

At this point I set t' stock rubber shock cord aside and replaced it with 1/4" elastic shock cord then proceded t' trim all t' plastic. I know t' instructions say t' start with t' engine mount first but I went with preparin' t' tail cone and nose cone first. T' instructions (or should I say lack of) are t' only thin' that make this a level 3 build in me mind. Avast! Well that and t' paint job. I have found in t' past that Estes intructions are pretty good but these are lacking. I made an error in me measurments o' where t' F rin' was supposed t' go but thank goodness t' glue had nay yet set and I was able t' re-position t' rin' at t' correct spot. (Assembly photo 1 shows t' black mark from where rin' F was first set). Begad! After that I set it aside t' dry overnight.

Motor Mount

MM assembly & fins papered & primmed

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Install engine mount and prepare fins (2012-07-21 21:59:20)

Step 1 was done as decribed but I used 1/4" elastic cord instead o' t' supplied rubbber shock cord. T' other slight modification here was t' tie t' shock cord around t' motor tube instead o' just tyin' it in a knot as Estes suggests. Ya scallywag! Next step be t' apply wood glue t' inside o' body tube and then with t' aid o' t' tail cone, I slide t' engine mount into place. Well, blow me down! I then set this aside t' dry overnight. Ahoy! At this point I grabbed t' fins and rather than followin' t' instructions, I grabed a couple o' sheets o' typin' paper and t' 3M Super 77 spray adhesive and proceeded t' paper t' fins. Avast, me proud beauty! First I sprayed t' paper with 3M adhesive then laid out all 4 fins. Ahoy! I then cut them out with an exacto knife and then repeated t' process for t' other side o' t' fins. After allowin' adhesive t' set for an hour t' fins received first coat o' Rust-olium 2X white primer. This was followed by sandin' o' all edeges and surfaces and another coat o' primer. A final light sandin' and light coat o' primer and fins are ready t' mount.

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Attachin' Tail Cone & Fins (2012-07-22 21:50:48)

Finished step 3 o' Engine Mount by applyin' a generous bead o' super gel t' t' inside o' main body and around t' outside edge o' centerin' rin' F o' motor mount and then slidin' t' tail cone into place. T' me sad dismay t' joint betwixt tail cone and body tube is very poor. Blimey! Had t' use a lot o' HobbyLite t' try and smooth out t' big bump but still have a very noticeable drop betwixt body and tail. At this point I don't think t' provided decal will cover it but will have t' wait and see. OK, me bucko, movin' on t' t' fins and launch lugs. Well, blow me down! Followin' Step 1 again, me hearties, (I really don't care for t' way these instructions are laid out), I marked t' body tube for t' location o' t' launch lugs. At this point I devated from t' instructions and went ahead and glued t' launch lugs in place with wood glue. Ahoy!  Took a break t' go eat and let glue dry.  Next step (2) was t' grab t' super gel again and apply a bead along t' root edege o' t' first fin and set it in place as per instructions. Begad! This be repeated 3 more times t' complete step 3. Begad! After allowin' glue t' dry, I went back over all fin joints and applyed a fillet o' super gel. Ahoy! After fillets dried I gave them a light sandin' and then gave t' entire rocket a coat o' Rust-olium 2X White Primer followed by t' usual light sandin' and then two coats o' Krylon Yellow. Ya scallywag! Rocket set aside t' dry over night.

Yellow Base Coat

Yellow paint applied

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Final Maskin' & Paintin' (NC & BT) (2012-07-23 14:37:20)

Today I finished t' NC. Blimey! After maskin' off t' areas that I wanted left yellow with Frog tape I then sprayed t' NC with Krylon Gloss Black. Aye aye! After waitin' an hour I then removed tape. NC was then left outside t' dry. While that dried I masked off t' main BT t' prep it for t' black paint next. T' tail cone and fins I will do last. OK, back t' t' NC. Gave it a quick wet sandin' with 600 grit t' smooth out lines, dried it off and then sprayed windex on NC and applied t' decal. Begad! After gettin' decal in proper location took a dry rag and pressed out all water. Ahoy! NC was again set outside t' dry for an hour then I applied a couple o' coats o' Krylon Clear Gloss t' it and set it aside one last time t' air dry.

 NC shot 1

Gray stripe is one o' only two decals that come with kit

OK, shiver me timbers, back t' t' upper BT. Sprayed it with t' Krylon Gloss Black then gave t' paint an hour t' dry before removin' all tape. Well, blow me down! Will leave this paint job t' sit over night before proceedin' t' fins and tail cone.

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Tail Cone & Fins (2012-07-24 23:17:04)

Again I masked off t' areas that I want t' remain yellow and then sprayed t' TC and fins with Krylon Gloss Black. After waitin' an hour I removed all tape and hung rocket outside t' dry. After paint dried for a while I applied t' second decal again usin' Windex t' get it where I wanted it. After pressin' out all water with a dry rag I set it aside for a while before givin' it a couple o' coats o' clear coat. Just need t' attach t' parachute and this build is complete.

Glamour Shots

Glamour shot 1 Glamour shot 2

                                                                                        V2 in 5...4...3...

                                                                                                                     On a D12-5 in 5...4...3...

                                                                                        V2 Recovery 



andres etchenique (November 25, 2013)

Hi Steve - beatifull job sir !!

Could you please share with me a list o' all t' finisshin' supplies you used ? From t' maskin' tape t' t' paint, matey, etc ? Aslo what kinds o' differnt glues, bonders and adhesives are you usin' ? Clearly t' fins should nay be glued with Elmers wood glue, but Elmers is probably better for t' inside engine mount and guide lugs etc. Blimey! Blimey! Could you please elaborate ? Many thanks, you are a crafts-man sir !!


Miami, FL

Steve Lindeman (March 4, 2014)

Hi  Andres, 

First off let me thank you for your praise o' me work as she is a beauty. Now as for t' supplies used if you carefully reread each section I have mentioned all products used with exception o' t' Frogtape & HobbyLite. Avast! I used Delicate Surface Frogtape for all maskin' (availible at Wal-mart in t' paint dept.) Primmin' was done with Rust-olium 2x, Black and Yellow spray paint be done with Krylon Gloss colors. As for t' fin mountin' see Attachin' Tail Cone & Fins. I used Super Gel (made by t' same folks that make Super Glue). T' only other product used and mention by manufacture was the HobbyLite filler by Hobbico. I used this t' even out t' surfaces betwixt t' tail cone and body tube. This product I bought at Rider's Hobby Shop but any  good hobby store that carries R/C planes and supplies should have it.

NOTE: HobbyLite has a number o' different applications that it can be used for. I used it t' make t' canopy on t' nose cone o' me Estes X-15 clone. See:

David Preneta (March 17, 2014)

Steve....Great lookin' V2, I just purchased one and will be assemblin' it soon.  I see that you clear coat your rockets.  T' last two I built I didn't clear coat because I had a bad experience t' first time I tried.  I built a Big Bertha and took me time assemblin' it and paintin' it, it looked fantastic.  Then applied a clear coat...which went on fine then as it dried it crackled and alligatored or fish scaled all over t' rocket tube.  I am hesitant t' try clear coat again because o' this.  I used t' same brand clear coat as paint finish so I didn't expect thar t' be any issue betwixt t' two.  Have you ever had any problems with your clear coat?  Would you have any idea what caused me crackling/alligator/fish scale result?  T' paint finish be dry before t' clear coat was sprayed on.  Any suggestions or application methods would be appreciated.  Thanks...David.

Steve Lindeman (April 10, 2014)

David.... Arrr! I've had that problem betwixt primers and other paints o' different brands (see me Baby Bertha Build) but never with me clear coats. I've always used Krylon Clear Gloss in very light coats and t' only issue I've ever had was foggin' due t' weather bein' t' cold when I tried t' paint. Ahoy! T' only thin' I can think o' is that you may have applied t' heavy a coat as that will sometimes cause that but usin' t' same brand as t' colored paint I wouldn't think so and especially if t' main paint be dry. As a rule I like t' give mine a day or two t' air dry before clear coating. Arrr! Humidity can sometimes cause those issues as well. Begad! I wish I could be o' more help but maybe someone else has some ideas as well. Aye aye! Will be lookin' for your pics when you get it finished. Are you goin' with t' black & yellow as well or t' camo?

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V2 NC photo 2

V2 package back

V2 package front

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