Estes - X-Prize Lucky Seven Kit

CP Method: VCP
CP Position From Rear: 1.30 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Product Type: Kit
  • Estes - X-Prize Lucky Seven {Kit} By Chris Gonnerman (September 24, 2007)

    This is a semi-scale model of the Acceleration Engineering "Lucky Seven" rocket, one of the contestants for the Ansari X-Prize. This is a largely plastic rocket. The package includes a three-piece plastic nose cone (two side halves and a bulkhead), a plastic body tube with integral bulkhead, a plastic tail bulkhead, four plastic decorative nozzles, four plastic fins, a paper engine tube, a ...

  • Estes - X-Prize Lucky Seven {Kit} By John Thro

    The Estes Lucky Seven is a 1:50 scale model of the rocket being designed and built by Acceleration Engineering. It features 95% plastic construction, Estes mini-engine power, and parachute recovery. Santa brought this kit for my 5 year-old son for Christmas 2004. This model is made entirely of plastic, except for the motor tube, motor hook, shock cord and parachute. Here is a reasonably ...

  • Estes - X-Prize Lucky Seven {Kit} By Alan Tuskes

    Brief: 1:50 Scale model of the Acceleration Engineering LLC's entry in the X-Prize race. Single stage, parachute recovery. Skill level E2X. Construction: The kit includes: 1 BT-5 engine mount 1 mini engine hook 1 rubber (REAL rubber) shock cord. 1 12" chute clay weight plastic parts: nose cone assembly (2 halves, nose cone cap) body and body ...

  • Estes - X-Prize Lucky Seven {Kit} By Donald Besaw Jr

    Brief: The Estes X-Prize Lucky Seven is a 1:50 scale model of Acceleration Engineering's Ansari X-Prize entry. This model flies on an A10-3T motor up to 200 feet and uses a 12 inch parachute for recovery. Construction: The kit came in a plastic bag with header card and included: 1 motor tube 1 motor retention hook 1 pack of clay weight 1 rubber shock cord 1 12 ...


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