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EZI-65 AT K270 2019-05-18

For best results, tap the gear and set the video resolution to the highest your system can handle. EZI-65 Flight 32 Spaceport Rocketry Association Palm Bay, FL 2019-05-18 Motor: AT K270 Long Burn Max Speed: 638 MPH Altitude: 9539 Feet AGL Max Gs: 8.7 Revolutions to Apogee: 10 Seconds to Apogee: 24.2 Main: 700 Feet AGL Backup Main: 500 Feet AGL Landing Distance: 2206 feet EZI-65 Wrapped twice in 2oz Fiberglass. 3 Shear Pins For Both Drogue and Main Release. Primary Deployment: Insane Rockets App Controlling Numato USB 2 Channel Solid State Relay Drogue Charge with Two E-Matches, Main Charge with Two E-Matches Backup Deployment: StratoLoggerCF Independent Battery and Charges Wired in the Same Manner. Onboard 4K Video & Data: Nexus 5x with Insane Rockets App Successfully Tested code and hardware for ground & launcher digital communciations on the 900MHz band. Video: Jason Cook Photos: Freddy Willems Tim Cubbedge Rendering: OpenShot, FFmpeg, GIMP, ImageMagick, DashWare Final Video Render: Jason Cook

 Rocketry Product: LOC/Precision - EZI-65 {Kit} (PK-11) [1985-]

Author Jason Cook
Duration 04:01

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