Five Stage Model Rocket

My own design, notice the wings (all comes back in one piece) of a 5 stage rocket, each stage on a 'D' black powder motor. Filmed in the late nineties. Using quickmatch to ignite each stage. This is the Falcon 4. You can hear each stage fire. The camera zoomed in as it followed it up, so it went very high, higher than it looks. Reached 1 mile in altitude according to Alticalc estimates, and I recovered it ok - Laurie Calvert. Note: I rotate the camera as I film it, so it may give a funny effect but believe me, it was going vertical. Notice too the strengthening struts at the bottom to support the long wings. It had these wings to give stability because I wanted it all back in one piece, not five seperate pieces. But big wings make it prone to wind, so I launched on a non-windy day. I was pleased with this original (to me) design. As the motors seperate, it gives a little kink in the flight. The engines were taped together in line, with about an inch of expendable body tube also holding both motors in position, and painted black. You can see the black line of motors 3 seconds in. The final motor is in the engine mount in the regular position. As each motor burns and sets off the next, it falls away. The nice thing about this design is that I only have one piece of rocket to find. Normally a body stage will fall away with the motor on normal staged rockets. It wasn't built for speed or altitude but rather as an experiment to make all five stages ...

Author Calvertfilm
Duration 52 seconds
Rating Best

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