Full Scale AMRAAM Level 3 Certification Rocket Flight
My NAR Level 3 certification flight from October 27, 2002 on an Aerotech M1315W. Loaded weight is 52 pounds, 12 feet long, 7.5" in diameter. Altitude was 5,610', max velocity was 423 mph in 3.3 seconds flown at the Whitakers, NC launch site. The rocket is 52 pounds with an Aerotech M1315W motor. Recovery was with 2 Olsen Altimeters, a Top Flight 70" parachute and a Rocketman R18, 18 foot parachute. This is my 3rd post of this as the first one was 240p (ugh), the second was 480p but not edited for content. OK 16 years later and I fix it.. Had close to 10k views on the other two postings but oh well.

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - M1315W Reload for RMS 75/6400 {Motor}

Author rejma0415
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