Gary Dahlke - Magnum 5-3-2 K940 to J250 - Two Stage
Make sure to adjust the resolution higher by tapping the gear icon (lower right) If video becomes jumpy, lower the resolution some. ROSCO & ICBM Rocketry South Carolina Magnum 5-3-2 (5" diameter - 3" motor diameter - 2 stage) Gary Dahlke Stage 1: K940 CTI White Thunder Stage 2: J250 CTI SKIDMARK 2016-09-04 Apogee: 3648 feet AGL Speed: ~295 MPH Ground Video: TomB0667, Jason Cook Onboard Video: Nexus 5x using Insane Rockets App Originally Captured at 4K Ground Stills: Jason Cook Freddy Willems Renderer: Open Shot Gauges Added by DashWare Final Video Render: Jason Cook Still shots, data file, raw ground & from rocket videos can be found here:

 Rocketry Club: ICBM (Tripoli South Carolina)

Author Jason Cook
Duration 04:52

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