GISH 2020, ITEM #52
Created as a submission for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. This is a field where my rocket club holds launches. The corn was harvested very recently. Moving some of remaining stalk debris allowed creation of my VOTE text. The actual GISH item description (TIMELAPSE) Write the word "VOTE" as land art, at least 100 meters long. The message may be mowed or plowed if it's land typically used in such a fashion, or you may use found objects or though any other means of land art, but your artwork must not damage the ecosystem or impact protected land. If you want to get creative, your message may be any pro-voting text or image. Take a video filmed from a drone that starts close to the ground and the text only becomes clear when the drone reaches a certain altitude.
Author David Bellhorn
Duration 15 seconds

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