GoPro HD goes to space
Disclaimer: Comments Disabled Due to Flat Earth Idiots. More Info: High Powered rocket with Go Pro HD onboard climbs to 82km (51mi) and releases a custom built aluminum case with the GoPro HD inside. Rocket is the REXUS 910. The experiment was successfully recovered. What is SQUID? SQUID (Spinning QUad Ionospheric Deployer) is a student project aiming to develop and fly a rocket probe which will features a novel mechanism to deploy wire antennas. In the future the probe will be the basis for a multiple payloads platform measuring electromagnetic fields in the Earth's ionosphere. The project is a part of the REXUS/BEXUS programme, which is run by Swedish national space board, the German counterpart DLR, and the European Space Agency ESA, allowing student teams to launch their experiments on sounding rockets from ESRANGE near Kiruna. More videos at official channel here: To find out more about the project here:
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