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2018-10-14 - Holtville, October 6th, Launch Report

Last weekend's launch was the club's first since it's cooled a bit. I had planned to attend this weekend's Lucerne launch, Octoberfest, but received notice it had been cancelled due to previous rains and pooling on the lakebed, Oh well... back to last weekend. I had packed lightly, only bringing two well-flown rockets, but the launch still rocked. First off was my trusty, unpainted 3" Madcow Nike ... [Read More]

2018-10-09 - 1 Mega Cowabunga, 2 months, 2 L motors

I'm behind. I therefore deem it appropriate to place my April and July 2018 Lucerne flights in a single blog post. 'Cause that's how I roll. This Mega Cowabunga simply rules. It's of a stubby aspect ratio but it's diameter is eight inches. And is has a 98mm motor mount screaming for increasing thrust. It's inaugural flight was on an AT L1500 Blue Thunder and I've continued with increasing thrust. ... [Read More]

2018-04-14 - Holtville 4-8-2018

I drove out to Sunday of April's launch to witness Cris Erving's L3 attempt. Saturday was supposed to be horrible so I didn't bother. Cris certified without a hitch: [Read More]

2018-03-20 - Lucerne, March 2018 was a washout

I was excited to finally fly an Aerotech 98mm, 2-grain, L2500 Super Thunder with stainless steel forward closure at Lucerne. It was raining lightly in North County SD as I left to drive up that way. It continued to rain, on and off, over the drive until I got through Apple Valley... where it worsened. As I got closer to the dry lake bed the rain further increased. Hmph. I turned around and headed ... [Read More]

2018-03-17 - Holtville Havoc II - March 3-5, 2018

Holtville Havoc II was supposed to see reasonable conditions on Friday, terrible conditions on Saturday, and brilliant conditions on Sunday. I can attest that Friday amazed, Saturday was flyable until about noon, and I wasn't there on Sunday. Here's a group photo and the rest of my photos from Saturday: I had just one flight planned, on Friday, for this three-day event: the mighty CTI M6400 Vmax ... [Read More]