John Simmons's (BAR-03) Hammerhead Shark

This rocket was inspired by the fins on an Apogee Skonk Wulf which kind of look like shark fins.  That lead me to building a hammerhead nose cone. 

I used a couple of techniques on this rocket that were new to me:  Papering fins and Through The Wall (TTW) fins. 

The fins are 1/8" balsa papered using Elmer's White Glue and 61 lb Staples double sided matte paper. 

The nose cone I turned on my wood lathe from a pine 4 x 4.  The hammer portion is made from a pine 1 x 3.   The hammer is a tenon fit into the nose cone affixed using Gorilla Wood Glue.   There's quite a nit of surface area for the glue, so it's quite strong.

This rocket needs a lot of nose weight.  I ended up using a 3/4" Machine Screw that threads into the bore of the nose cone.    

Power is via a composite 29mm motor, another 1st for me.  Parachute is 28" rip stop nylon. 

Stability calculated using Open Rocket software and verified via a swing test.

Link to build thread: (1) Lakeroadster's "Hammerhead Shark" | The Rocketry Forum

Hammerhead Shark: Custom turning the nose cone
Hammerhead Shark: Building the Hammer
Hammerhead Shark: Creating a tenon on the nose cone to accept the hammer
Hammerhead Shark: Test Fit prior to gluing / clamping
Hammerhead Shark: Taping the nose cone for the ballast HHCS
Hammerhead Shark: Nose cone with ballast and recovery stud
Hammerhead Shark: Slotted Body Tube and Fin Mock-up
Hammerhead Shark: Gluing the TTW Fins To Body




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