Flight Log - 2015-03-10 - Hans Haase's Der Red Max

Built basically stock, other than a Hello Kitty decal set from Excelsior, with pink and purple paint scheme.

Flight Date: 2015-03-10
Rocket Name: Der Red Max
Kit Name: Estes - Der Red Max {Kit} (651) [2007-]
Flyer's Name: Hans Haase
Motors: A8-3
Expected Altitude: 125.00 Feet
Launch Site: Brandt, SD

Man, you really need a perfect chute deployment when flying the original 'Max on an A8-3.  Low flight, and deployment well after apogee, probably no higher than 30ft when it finally deployed fully.  

Estes called it right when they gave this rocket a minimum motor size of a B.

1Estes A8-3


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