Flight Log - 2020-09-06 - Ty Bliss's Hi-Flier XL

My first Mid-power rocket.  The larger than average-size balsa fins require careful preparation and attention to alignment to ensure straight and true flights.  A dependable high flyer, I have had several flights on E12-6 motors that lasted more than 2 minutes/30 seconds from take off to touch down using an 18" parachute with a 3" spill hole.  A large field and good spotters are necessities when flying this rocket on an E12 motor!  (Or, accept the risk of using a smaller chute.)     

Flight Date: 2020-09-06
Rocket Name: Hi-Flier XL
Kit Name: Estes - Hi-Flier XL {Kit} (003226)
Flyer's Name: Ty Bliss
Motors: E12-6
Launch Site: Blue Mountain Foothills - Primary Wheat Field
Actual Altitude: 1,350.00 Feet

Up, up and away! Great boost. Flight time 2:30+

1Aerotech E12-RCJ-6


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