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High Power Rocket Explosion at CATO Launch Event Oct 19, 2019

This is my latest scratch-built rocket that I named “High Hopes”. It’s 7 feet tall and 7.5 inches in diameter. It weighs just 3.3 Lbs with motor. It’s made of light-weight ¼-inch thick pink foam that was purchased at Home Depot. I rolled 2-foot square sheets of this foam into a body tube and taped the seams with clear packaging tape. The fins are 2-sheets thick and are glued to the body tube with Dap Kwik Seal Adhesive Caulk. The capsule is a plastic pretzel jar that houses a Minion doll. The rocket was painted with a brush with Glidden white interior paint. (Spray paint melts the foam.) Striping was done with black tape. The motor mount is held in place with disks of foam. The motor is a Cesaroni I175. The motor malfunctioned and exploded mid-flight, destroying the rocket.

 Rocketry Club: CATO Rocketry Club

Author Edward Lakatos
Duration 38 seconds

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