Honest John Model Rocket Launch--Alpena CRTC

The distinctive silhouette of an Honest John ("HoJo") missile graces the skies over Alpena, MI during the 2009 GLR CAP Summer Encampment--Model Rocketry Encampment. Launch operations carried out on the CRTC base atheletic field. This is an Estes 1:10 Scale model kit flown on a D12-3 motor. MI Wing CC and staff were present for this demonstration. (The model recovered safely behind the camera btw.)

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Honest John {Kit} (7240) [2015-]

 Rocketry Product: Estes - D12 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Author RocketTCoyote
Duration 16 seconds
Rating Good

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