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HPR Launch Pad

By Rodney Earp

Scrach Built Level 1 and 2 HPR Pad





  I haven't found any pads to sute me. So, this is a Pad I'm working on for HPRs that can use a 1010 or 1515 rod that is stable and will not flex upright when the rocket is launching at a angle. This is a work in progess and finding time to work on it has been hard lately, so if you're following this bear with me I'll get it done.

Here is a drawing of how it's to look when finished. A copy of the PDF and the CAD DXF for the laser is at the bottom of the Build if you would like.

Please leave any comments you may have, fresh ideals are always walcome!
















The Sides and bottom have been cut with a laser at the local shop out of 3/16" plate. The CAD DXF file can by down loaded below if needed.Laser is the way to go, nice and smooth, no grinding and ready to weld. the holes and slots are perfect!




Next, I'm fitting it all together and working on the piece that will hold the 1010 or 1515 rod. I'm using 3 1/4" X 1/2" bolts into 80/20 T-slot nuts. It makes it a little hard to mount the rail but makes a very ridgid launch rail. I drilled 1 more 1/4"  hole and put a built in it to keep the rail from sliding down to far. Next will be to cut a angle on the front for a blast plate.



   I've changed these to hex bolts, thought these would be to hard to work with.

  3/8" X 3 1/2" Stainless steel bolts was used for the pivot point and the side.

Next I'm cutting a piece of the 2x3 tubing to weld in the bottom of the

side plates to give me the side base to bolt to the bottom.


My tubing for the legs will be here today. I've ordered 1" X 1" squire with .120 wall and 3/4" X 3/4" that should slide up into the 1" to make removable legs. cost $43.33  includes $16.19 Shipping. Should start cutting them out this Sunday. I should be tack welding things come monday and things will really start taking shape.


3/4" squire tubing with 1/8" wall cut to 3' each. should make good legs.



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Base (2013-08-15 10:51:37)


The base starts with a piece of plate cut by the laser to give me the angle

I wanted for the legs. To the right, you see the pieces that will set the angle needed.







Need to Cut the bottom of the tubing to match the angle.

I'm going to have some grinding to make them fit.

It fits! Just a little more griding and 3 more to make.


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Fitting (2013-08-15 13:07:45)

Also Working on the bottom piece for the sides to be welded to. once I have everything cut and

fitted I'm start tack welding it together one cool day.

Attached to the base and ready to weld to the sides

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Launch Stand PDF

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