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Location: Clayton NC

Certification Level: NAR L2 and Triploi L1

Club Memberships: NAR,Tripoli and ROCC

Favorite Rockets: Estes "Phoenix Bird"

Favorite Quote:

“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life. Enjoy it!”

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MINIE MAGG "Rebuilt"


This was another scout launch and they loved the fast burn of the G250. flies very well on this motor to around 400 feet, great for small fields - G250 - Camp Tuscarora [More]


222 (Scratch built 2 stage)


Not such a good flight, Used a Motor that package was worn and I was thinking it might be an older motor and it should be used. well it had problems lighting and the speed had slowed down a lot so I didn' get the Altitude I wanted and vered off to the right and over the creek. te deployment charge ... [More]

MINIE MAGG "Rebuilt"


This was the worst fight, had engine blow by. didn't go very high and melted the chute and cord. landed on its side and broke a fin loose but can be fixed easy. Note:        When putting the engine together I put the delay grain in backwards and had a gap between ... [More]

Mega Red Max


Single load Estes G64, Nice fight, slow off the rail, but looked very stable and up to around 600'. deployment on top and landed with in 20 yrds of pad. - G64 - ROCC [More]


Delta Star


Had 3.5 great flights on the Delta star today. I was flying nice and straight off the rail with very little correction. about halfway into the 4 th flight I hear a big bang and I knew what had happen! I had dumped out the ejection charge and loaded the motor. tried to launch but the igniter burned ... [More]


Semroc Orbital Transport


Good flight, the Glider deployed and the transport came down without the chute opening. come down hard but no damage. Glider landed in soft grass. - B6-4 - ROSCO [More]


222 (Scratch built 2 stage)


I cleaned all the contacts and checked all the wires on the altimeter and Rocketiltometer . I also changed the igniter on the main and reload the G250s. This time everything work as planned and landed within 200’ of the tent. - 2xG250/I225 - ROSCO [More]

MINIE MAGG "Rebuilt"


Good flight with altimeter this time. - H242-7 - ROSCO [More]

Mega Red Max


Great fight on a G250! The wind was very still, this Rocket went straight up to around 700’, did a tail slide back a long way and landed a 100’ from the pad. The G250 and light weight of the RedMax let it move off the pad in a blink of an eye. Didn’t curve, twist or do anything ... [More]


HyperLOC 835


This was a TRI Level 2 cert flight that went wrong from the beginning. The motor I wanted to use was a CTI K515 Skidmark but the Vender didn’t have one. But I was handed a “Cool Motor” a CTI K590 and after doing a little research I was uneasy with the power off the pad and was ... [More]


2 stage take 2.rkt

Rocksim Design



HPR Launch Pad - Fitting

Build Entry

Also Working on the bottom piece for the sides to be welded to. once I have everything cut and fitted I'm start tack welding it together one cool day. Attached to the base and ready to weld to the sides [More]

HPR Launch Pad - Base

Build Entry

  The base starts with a piece of plate cut by the laser to give me the angle I wanted for   the legs. To the right, you see the pieces that will set the angle needed.             Need to Cut the bottom of the tubing to match ... [More]


HPR Launch Pad


            I haven't found any pads to sute me. So, this is a Pad I'm working on for HPRs that can use a 1010 or 1515 rod that is stable and will not flex upright when the rocket is launching at a angle. This is a work in progess and finding time ... [More]

Rodney Earp


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