Flight Log - 2014-11-22 - Rodney Earp's 222 (Scratch built 2 stage)

This is a 2 stage rocket design of my own all made from 3” Blue tube. The First stage booster has two 29 mm engines and the 2nd stage has a 38mm engine.   It’s duel deployment running a Raven 3 with a RockeTiltometer , all that in a 3” tube is a lot but can be done by using both sides of the sled.  This is quite the most complex rocket by far I’ve built. I’m finding out that  Rocksim is having a hard time with the booster. When unloading one engine it still shows me the results as if both were loaded and I can’t get a good feel for what loads would be safe if 1 didn’t light. I Finally decided that I’ll use 2 CTI G250 two grain VMAX motors in the booster and  Aerotech H245 in the second stage. I’m going to fly it without the booster first with a I218R to make sure it flies straight and we’ll go from there. Pucker factor should be high!


This is my first flame job and I was very happy with it, not bad to be done with spray can paint! I think it will look really hot on the pad!


Weight Dry W/booster - 86 oz.

Weight Dry W/O booster - 72 oz.


More to come!


Flight Date: 2014-11-22
Rocket Name: 222 (Scratch built 2 stage)
Flyer's Name: Rodney Earp
Motors: H123+G250
Expected Altitude: 2,000.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 1.00 mph
Launch Site: ROCC

Not such a good flight, Used a Motor that package was worn and I was thinking it might be an older motor and it should be used. well it had problems lighting and the speed had slowed down a lot so I didn' get the Altitude I wanted and vered off to the right and over the creek. te deployment charge didn't have enough powder to deploy the chute and came down in the trees with no main. found it 20 feet up and recovered with the pole. 

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