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Rodney Earp's 222 (Scratch built 2 stage)

This is a 2 stage rocket design of my own all made from 3” Blue tube. The First stage booster has two 29 mm engines and the 2nd stage has a 38mm engine.   It’s duel deployment running a Raven 3 with a RockeTiltometer , all that in a 3” tube is a lot but can be done by using both sides of the sled.  This is quite the most complex rocket by far I’ve built. I’m finding out that  Rocksim is having a hard time with the booster. When unloading one engine it still shows me the results as if both were loaded and I can’t get a good feel for what loads would be safe if 1 didn’t light. I Finally decided that I’ll use 2 CTI G250 two grain VMAX motors in the booster and  Aerotech H245 in the second stage. I’m going to fly it without the booster first with a I218R to make sure it flies straight and we’ll go from there. Pucker factor should be high!


This is my first flame job and I was very happy with it, not bad to be done with spray can paint! I think it will look really hot on the pad!


Weight Dry W/booster - 86 oz.

Weight Dry W/O booster - 72 oz.


More to come!


CP Method:Rocksim/Rocksim
Designer:Rodney Earp
Diameter:3.0000 inches
Fin Material:Plywood
Length:68.0000 inches
Nose Cone Material:Plastic
Production Years:2013
Recommended Motors:CTI G250 x 2, H142
Recovery:Parachute, Raven 3
Weight:86.0000 ounces



Flight Log

TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
2013-08-24RDRCH2421030 feet
2013-08-31ROSCO2xG250/2xH2422576 feet
2013-08-31ROSCO2xG250-2/H242-N/A3522 feet
2013-09-01ROSCO2xG250-2/H112-N/A2474 feet
2013-12-21ROCC2xG250/I2253119 feet
2014-04-26ROCC2xG250/H1782789 feet
2014-08-30ROSCOG250900 feet 
2014-08-31ROSCO2xG250/I2253110 feet

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