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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Interceptor {Kit} (1250) [2008-2011,2019-]

C5-3 rockets: Centuri, Patriot, Nike Smoke, Low-boom SST, Interceptor, plus Nike-x, Vipox, and Lynx (2020-07-18)
Another mild wind day before the trades pick up again. We started at the soccer park but it closed so we relocated to a nearby park. The difference being a watery canal about 150 past a hungry line ... [View]
Construction, CATO, & Launch of an Insane Estes Interceptor Build (2015-03-16)
This outlines the construction and launch of a very detailed build of the original scale Estes Interceptor. I over-sized the motor mount to handle E motors. To offset the weight of the motor, I had ... [View]