Binder Design - IRIS 54mm Kit

Manufacturer: Binder Design
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Family:Binder Design:IRIS
  • Binder Design IRIS (54mm) By Kent Newman

    ( Contributed - by Kent Newman - 03/01/02) The Rocket One of the highest flying, straightest trajectory and coolest Estes rockets I ever had was the "Iris". The medium body length and four big fins of this rocket resulted in one great flight after another. Scaled after an early 60's sounding rocket, Binder Design has another excellent kit for those that like to build sport ...

  • Binder Design IRIS (54mm) By Francis I. Reachmack

    Brief: Single motor, scale of early 60's sounding rocket. No special features, just for rocket launching fun! Construction: All aspects of packaging, instructions, illustrations, etc., were good. No problems understanding the construction process and building the kit. The one major glitch with the particular kit I received was the fins. Not only were all 4 (3/16 plywood) fins ...

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