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Javelin 4.6x

By Christopher D. Shramko

My Level 1 project is a 4.6x upscale of the Estes Javelin with an Estes Partizon kit as the base.

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Background (2017-10-10 10:25:52)

My first model rocket was the Estes Der Big Red Max. My second was the Estes Mini-Brute Javelin and Super Flea Combo. Mirroring that history, I'd originally intended to build a Mega Der Big Red Max for my Level 1 project and a Javelin upscale for my Level 2, but missed the MDRM sales wave. I decided to save the Red Max theme for L2 with a dual-deploy MDBRM based upon the AMW Red FiberMAX. I dithered between an upscale Javelin or Super Flea for L1 until the day I saw a Partizon kit on display at the AMW booth during a CMASS launch and thought, "that looks like a Javelin." A quick check of the specs showed that, except for the fins, all dimensions fell between 4.3x and 4.8x, with the BT diameter scaling at 4.621. One lightened wallet, a few sheets of 1/8" ply, and several miscellaneous parts from Apogee Components later, we begin.

My original Javelin was swallowed by the Bronx River many years ago but its companion Super Flea, long since retired, will reach heights it could only dream of until now when it is carried along in the payload bay on my L1 attempt.

Javelin and Super Flea


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Preliminary Planning (2017-10-11 21:42:02)

I’ve decided on mid-body separation for ease of transport, on both launch lugs and rail buttons, and on upgraded recovery gear.

Component View:

 Component View

Painted View:

Flight Simulations with L1 attempt engine selection highlighted:


Flight Simulations with First Flight engine selection highlighted:


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Javelin 4.6x and 1981 Super Flea (2018-06-19 13:51:15)

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