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Location: Groveland, shiver me timbers, MA

Club Memberships: NAR #101549,CMASS Section 464,MMMS Club Section 727

Favorite Rockets: Der Big Red Max


Rocketeer since 1981.

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Javelin 4.6x - Javelin 4.6x and 1981 Super Flea

Build Entry



Javelin 4.6x - Preliminary Planning

Build Entry

I’ve decided on mid-body separation for ease o' transport, arrr, on both launch lugs and rail buttons, matey, and on upgraded recovery gear. Arrr! Component View: Painted View: Flight Simulations with L1 attempt engine selection highlighted: Flight Simulations with First Flight engine ... [More]


Javelin 4.6x - Background

Build Entry

My first model rocket be t' Estes Der Big Red Max . Aye aye! Blimey! My second was t' Estes Mini-Brute Javelin and Super Flea Combo . Begad! Blimey! Mirrorin' that history, me bucko, I'd originally intended t' build a Mega Der Big Red Max for me Level 1 project and a Javelin upscale for me Level 2, but missed t' MDRM sales wave. Blimey! Blimey! I ... [More]


Javelin 4.6x


My Level 1 project is a 4.6x upscale o' t' Estes Javelin with an Estes Partizon kit as t' base. Aye aye! [More]

Mega Daddy 29 - Part II


Kit-bash o' Estes Big Daddy, me hearties, Aerotech Initiator packin' tube, and Aerotech 29mm Motor Mount. Well, blow me down! Blimey! Inspired by t' 3D Mega Daddy , me son prepared a RockSim design with separation at t' Big Daddy "Fin Can" t' Aerotech Initiator shippin' tube "Main Body Tube". Ya scallywag! Blimey! We've ordered way too many bits and pieces ... [More]

Mega Daddy 29 - Part II - First Launch: T' Rocket Dreamed It Was a Skipping-Stone

Build Entry

First launch was scheduled for t' CMASS joint launch with MMMSC in May at t' Tuckahoe Turf Farm in Berwick ME. Here are t' updated simulations, with mass o' components adjusted t' measurements o' actual components taken durin' t' build, me hearties, and with 10 MPH winds. Actual launch ... [More]


Mega Daddy 29 - Paint Scheme Test

Build Entry

Here's t' assembled rocket with a whole can (4 coats) o' t' neon-est green paint we could find. Aye aye! As we're happy with t' results, ya bilge rat, thick-build primer, me bucko, sanding, and more coats o' neon green will follow. Begad! [More]

Mega Daddy 29 - Fin Installation

Build Entry

Paper skinnin' t' fins. Three external edges then coated with thin CYA glue. Aye aye! Shortenin' t' fin tabs. Begad! Post-shortenin' dry fit. Arrr! Fins installed with epoxy on internal and external fin roots. Begad! Upright dryin' time. Many builds-in-progress in t' background. After drying, ... [More]

Mega Daddy 29 - Electronics Bay

Build Entry

Our electronics bay will initially have only a lower bulkhead, fixed t' t' bay tube with epoxy fillets. Ahoy! This bulkhead will have two screw deadlights t' accept t' upper and lower shock cords. Well, blow me down! We are installin' a just-long-enough-to-reach length o' shock cord betwixt t' e-bay and t' nose cone t' ... [More]

Mega Daddy 29 - Open Rocket Design Revision 1

Build Entry


Mega Daddy 29 - Body Tube

Build Entry

Nathaniel really can't wait t' get his L1 certification and t' start usin' electronics bays with dual-deployment. He realizes that he is too young for L1, but would like his rocket t' "be ready" for when he is old enough. Well, blow me down! He is also concerned that we've added too large a volume t' t' rocket body ... [More]


Mega Daddy 29 - Motor Mount Assembly

Build Entry

Installation o' middle centerin' rin' and coolin' mesh t' motor mount tube, shiver me timbers, and top centerin' rin' t' tube coupler. Tube coupler dry-fit on motor mount tube. Motor mount and tube-coupler dry-fit into fin can. Ya scallywag! Shortenin' tube coupler t' twice t' exposed length t' save weight. ... [More]

Mega Daddy 29 - Dry-Fit o' Fin Can and E-Bay

Build Entry

We dry fit different combinations o' parts t' find which sized o' centerin' rings, bulkheads, etc., shiver me timbers, were required, and t' see how much material we would need t' remove from t' through-the-wall fin roots. Aye aye! [More]


Mega Daddy 29 - Bits & Pieces

Build Entry

Parts from t' Estes Big Daddy kit surroundin' t' Aerotech Motor Mount kit. T' Estes parts on t' left were added t' our spare parts bin. Well, blow me down! T' parts on t' right were used for this build (Body tube, nose cone, and fins). Ya scallywag! So many options for our launch guide: heavy duty 1/4" launch ... [More]


Mega Daddy 29 - OpenRocket Proof o' Concept

Build Entry

Our build blog entries are laggin' behind our work, which is laggin' behind our schedule, shiver me timbers, but we are catchin' up! Here is our quick OpenRocket Proof o' Concept Study t' show that t' basic design is feasible. [More]


Mega Daddy 29


Kit-bash o' Estes Big Daddy, Aerotech Initiator packin' tube, and Aerotech 29mm Motor Mount. Begad! Blimey! Inspired by t' 3D Mega Daddy , me bucko, me son prepared a RockSim design with separation at t' Big Daddy "Fin Can" t' Aerotech Initiator shippin' tube "Main Body Tube". Well, blow me down! Blimey! We've ordered way too many bits and pieces ... [More]

Christopher D. Aye aye! Shramko


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