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Mega Daddy 29 - Part II

By Christopher D. Shramko

Kit-bash of Estes Big Daddy, Aerotech Initiator packing tube, and Aerotech 29mm Motor Mount. Inspired by the 3D Mega Daddy, my son prepared a RockSim design with separation at the Big Daddy "Fin Can" to Aerotech Initiator shipping tube "Main Body Tube". We've ordered way too many bits and pieces from Apogee, JonRocket, and eRockets. Dry-fit soon. See also Mega Daddy 29.

This is Part II. See also Part I.


Keoki Gray (November 21, 2017)


Sorry to hear of your geological sampling mission, but the description of the flight made me think. You said you want to increase stability; I wondered if it might be OVER-stable. Rockets that are over-stable may weather-cock but not "correct" themselves after the displacement. So if it takes a new vector it will hold that direction rather than righting itself to its original flight path.

Just a thought . . .


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First Launch: The Rocket Dreamed It Was a Skipping-Stone (2017-10-08 08:22:55)

First launch was scheduled for the CMASS joint launch with MMMSC in May at the Tuckahoe Turf Farm in Berwick ME.

Maine Field 

Here are the updated simulations, with mass of components adjusted to measurements of actual components taken during the build, and with 10 MPH winds.


Actual launch conditions were 18 MPH winds with gusts to 28. We originally planned to launch with a G78G-7, but could not get it sanded down enough to fit (we plan to sand down the inside of the motor mount tube). We purchased a CTI 24-mm 3G case and a 73-F30-WH_LB. Launch was straight up until about 50', then the rocket took a hard left into the wind, flew parallel to the ground until the motor burned out, skipped across the ground a few times, then separated when the engine charge fired.


Slight crack on the nose cone; this should be easy to fix with epoxy and some sanding.


Dent and tear at the top of the e-bay. Beautiful soil and vegetation samples were aquired.

 BT Dent

Ground-facing fin cracked off quite cleanly; it fits back together snugly enough to stay in position on the display stand. We plan to reattach with epoxy and add external fillets after sanding the whole rocket down.

Cracked Fin 

The only component requiring replacement is the main body tube (so long Initiator shipping tube).


We've already ordered a pair of LOC Precision tubes, as we are planning to extend the length and double the nose weight to increase stability.


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