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Christopher D. Shramko's Mega Daddy 29

Kit-bash of Estes Big Daddy, Aerotech Initiator packing tube, and Aerotech 29mm Motor Mount. Inspired by the 3D Mega Daddy, my son prepared a RockSim design with separation at the Big Daddy "Fin Can" to Aerotech Initiator shipping tube "Main Body Tube". We've ordered way too many bits and pieces from Apogee, JonRocket, and eRockets. Dry-fit soon, then perhaps a build blog.

CP Method:Rocksim & Balance Test
Decals:Pre-Printed, Water-Slide
Designer:Christopher D. Shramko, Nathaniel Shramko
Diameter:3.0000 inches
Kit Name:Mega Daddy 29
Manufacturer:Aerotech & Estes
Motor Size:29 millimeters
Production Years:2015-2016
Type:Kit Bash



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