JayCoke Zero flight #1
This is the first flight of the JayCoke Zero. It is one of four recycling containers converted into high power rockets by members of the Wisconsin Organization of Spacemodeiling Hobbyists (WOOSH), NAR Section 558. It flew at WOOSH Eat Cheese or Fly launch in Aug 2011, on a Cesaroni L3150 Vmax motor. The weighted nose cone was tightly taped (friction fit), but separated after motor burnout, causing an early but otherwise safe parachute deployment. It landed 8' up in a tree, and one winglet broke when we pulled it down. It was quickly repaired. Her build is detailed on the Rocketry Forum on this thread... http://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?t=17715

 Rocketry Club: Wisconsin Organization Of Spacemodeling Hobbyists

Author Npowrd
Duration 40 seconds
Rating Good

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