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AKA: Jcurtis55

Location: Plainfield Indiana

Club Memberships: NAR,A.M.O.R.E.A.,ROCI

Favorite Rockets: North Coast Big Brute


Twice a BAR.  Flew rockets a lot in the late 60's and early 70's.   Had a resurgence in the mid-90's, culminating in competing in NARAM 38 at Evansville and obtained a level one certification.  Now it's 2019 and I have the bug again,  Will work towards reobtaining level 1 certification.  Member of the AMOREA section in Indianapolis and look forward to NARAM at Muncie Indiana.

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Loc/Precision Semper Fi


Drilled delay down to 8 seconds. Worked well. My L1 flight was a success. However, had to walk through 2-3 inches of mud for a quarter mile for recovery. - H115-14 - Pence Indiana [More]



Estes Pro Series II Panavia (clone) (Kit)


Estes Pro Series II Panavia (clone) The Panavia was a kit that was available briefly via the Estes web site. It was composed of left over parts from other Pro Series II kits. The Panavia used the same fins as the Argent. The Estes kits are almost never seen, but clone kits are available from Bad ... [More]



Estes Sky Stryker


Maiden flight. My kevlar shock cord came untied causing a separation. Decent altitude for an A. - A8-3 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


Estes Panavia


Nice flight but headed a bit south and caught a tree. Jolly Logic altimeter 2 on board to boot. As luck would have it, there was a Xfinity bucket truck in the park and the nice guy retrieved it for me. Flew naked but will now get painted. - E24-7 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


Estes Grey Hawk


Low wind, which is good with all those fins. Flew pretty straight but landed on pavement. Fins survived but a couple of paint chips. - B6-4 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


Madcow Bat Ray


Nose Cone hit the body tube on ejection, causing some damage. 6 second delay was too long. - E12-6 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


Estes Orange Crush


Great flight. Slightly arced to the north . - D12-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


The Launch Pad ASM-1


Last flight of the day. Started to arc towards the woods but landed safely in the grass. Knocked one fin loose but easily fixed. - D12-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


Rocketarium Trident 172-18


Used Slim Gem ignitors from Chris's Rocket Supply as they are more reliable than the Estes ignitors. Two lit immediately, but the third motor kicked in when the rocket was about 100' up. Not sure how that happened. - B4-4+B4-4+B4-4 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]



Estes Trajector


Great flight to over 1000 feet. Chute release worked perfectly. - F15-6 - NSL East Pence Indiana [More]


US Rockets Christmas Rocket


Slightly under powered. E35 QJet would have been better. First use of a chute release, but hardly exceeded the 300' trigger. - E26-7 - NSL East Pence Indiana [More]



New Way Squareros (Kit)


New Way Squareros A relatively new addition to the New Way group of square rockets. They may be square but they fly great. The standard finish makes a great looking pseudo-missile rocket. New Way doesn't give construction ratings but I would say this is a 1 and would make a good first kit. As is ... [More]



Estes Starbird (Kit)


I'm always keeping an eye on eBay for out-of-production kits.  About a year ago I spotted an Estes Starbird kit.  It had been opened, which must have hurt interest as I was the only bidder.  All parts were accounted for and I was happy for my good fortune. While essentially a ... [More]


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