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AKA: Jcurtis55

Location: Plainfield Indiana

Club Memberships: NAR

Favorite Rockets: North Coast Big Brute


Twice a BAR.  Flew rockets a lot in the late 60's and early 70's.   Had a resurgence in the mid-90's, culminating in competing in NARAM 38 at Evansville and obtained a level one certification.  Now it's 2019 and I have the bug again,  Will work towards reobtaining level 1 certification.  Member of the AMOREA section in Indianapolis and look forward to NARAM at Muncie Indiana.

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Estes Spirit


Flew straight, but then drifted quite some distance.  C6-3 might be better. - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

Estes Ionizer


Nice flight until it drifted into a tree.   Too high to retrieve. - C6-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

Rocketarium Frangible Arcas


Got a lot of height and drifter far from the launch area.   Luckily it landed about 10' from another club member who was retrieving his Executioner that had previously launched on two F44s. - E12-6 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

Estes Astron Constellation


Nice straight flight,  Ejection just after apogee. - C6-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

DynaStar Orion Transport


Nice flight with slight weather cocking.  Recovered in perfect shape. - D12-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

Estes Red Flare


Good motor for this rocket.   Not too high but a nice flight. - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

The Launch Pad Anubis


Good motor for this rocket.   Scratch built based on Launch Pad kit. - C11-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

Estes Sky Writer


Rocket really jupps off the pad on a C6. - C6-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]

Estes Flash 1233


Gets some nice altitude on a C.  Flew into the wind and made it's way back towards the launch area. - C6-5 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


Estes Majestic


Straightest flight of the day.  The E16 is plenty of motor for this rocket.   Landed about 3' from a tree line.   - E16-6 - Ft. Harrison - Indy [More]


Estes Starbird (Kit)


I'm always keeping an eye on eBay for out-of-production kits.  About a year ago I spotted an Estes Starbird kit.  It had been opened, which must have hurt interest as I was the only bidder.  All parts were accounted for and I was happy for my good fortune. While essentially a ... [More]

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