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Fly Navy - 1


   This Super DX3 is my first HP rocket as I reenter rocketry after a long hiatus.  I built it in concert with my son's first HP kit, a LOC Precision Zephyr.  He and I intend to certify at L-1 and L-2 in the years ahead.  Our certifications will bump start our local ... [More]


Fly Navy - 1


Delay was drilled for 10 secs.  Full deployment charge (1.4 g) was loaded.  LP-36 drogue was employed at apogee.  LP-58 Main was to deploy at 400' AGL using JLCR.  Recovery charge fired slightly early, just approaching apogee.   Deployment charge fully ... [More]


Fly Navy - 1


Recovery charge delay was lughtly drilled for long 10 sec delay (10.5 sec was the intent).    Full deployment charge (1.4 g) was loaded.  I failed to account for the concurrent burn of propellant and delay grain.  Delay should have be 11.5 sec.  Rocket launched ... [More]

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