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 Rocketry Product: Jolly Logic - Chute Release {Component}

2017-11-12 NEFAR Launch - Bracha's Mosquito (2017-11-14)
Bracha's Upscale Mosquito is launched on an Aerotech J250 DMS motor at NEFAR's annual Bunnell Blast. The flight used a Jolly Logic Chute Release. [View]
I reached into the film archives to make up for the camera problems the other rocket video had. This is the Beast, a 3 inch diameter, 4 foot long rocket made almost entirely out of cardboard from 30 ... [View]
Press the right button until the display flashes. (Don't worry; your previous setting is still saved.) [View]
Press either button to wake up Chute Release. Shown on a pre-release prototype. [View]
Scratch built rocket for Jolly Logic's Chute Release product. Aerotech G80-10T motor for maiden flight. 60 fps Mobius Actioncam/Additive Aerospace shroud and 60fps keychain camcorder onboard. ... [View]
Press the left and right buttons to lower and raise the release altitude. [View]
This video is an early Chute Release Test Flight in Dublin, California on September 30, 2015. The flight was to 606 feet. Chute Release was set for 200 feet, and the parachute fully unfurled at 150 ... [View]
(0000-00-00) May 2016 Sod Farm Launch. Mega Mosquito Rocket with Jolly Logic Chute Release [View]
Press the left button a number of times until the display flashes. Chute Release provides a 5-second countdown, releases, then powers down. [View]
2018-05-18 LDRS (2018-05-22)
On board video from scratch built Max Q at LDRS May 18, 2018. Aerotech H182R, 1839 ft. apogee (Jolly Logic altimeter 3). Jolly Logic chute release at 400 ft [View]
Cherryfield HPR Launch (2019-09-16)
My Estes Vector Force upscale flying on an Aerotech I-280 Dark Matter motor. 14 second delay, motor eject. Chute Release worked perfectly, rocket recovered 1500 feet from launch. Apogee at 4650 ft ... [View]
Chute Release Vacuum Chamber 100ft (2015-09-17)
Testing Jolly Logic Chute Release in Jolly Logic's vacuum chamber. Alongside Chute Release is a Jolly Logic AltimeterOne in realtime mode so that the current altitude is continuously displayed on ... [View]
Clusterduck 10-13-19 at MDRA (2019-10-14)
North Coast Rocketry Clusterduck on 7 composite engines! (6) Quest D16 and (1) Aerotech E15-7. Flight up was perfect, all 7 motors lit! Descent was a problem, it appears I forgot to attach the ... [View]
Eighth Graders Fly High Powered Rocket - Mile High (2016-08-07)
Tested Jolly Logic Chute Release in lieu of dual deployment. Hypothesis was accepted with successful recovery using a main parachute deployment altitude of 600 feet (J453 Motor). [View]
ESL 251 - Apogee Zephyr I140 (2019-07-23)
10 second delay, chute release at 500' [View]
Estes 29mm Big Daddy Rocket Launch, NAR L1 certification (2016-05-18)
Travelled from Toronto to fly at the Rocketry Organization of California launch at Lucerne Dry Lake on May 14, 2016. A great club and many thanks to the ROC members who helped with my L1 cert. ... [View]
ESTES Argent Launch on G80-7T with Chute Release (2018-03-16)
ESTES Argent at 3/11/18 Club Launch using an ESTES G80-7T composite motor and a Jolly Roger Chute Release set for 400 ft. [View]
Estes Argent Level 1 Flight (2016-05-16)
NAR Level 1 Certification Flight/Camden, SC/ ROSCO club. Estes Argent flying on a CTI H87 IMAX motor, Chute Release at 400 feet. Estes Altimeter recorded 2340 foot apogee. [View]
Estes Argent ROSC 3/12 Club Launch (with Chute Release) (2016-03-13)
Estes Argent on a CTI F59. This combo definitely works better on a 9 second delay; did a 7 here and it was too soon. Chute Release did EXACTLY what it was supposed to. From the ground, it looked ... [View]
Estes Majestic, G74 White Lightning (2017-10-23)
My Estes Majestic on a G74 White Lightning. With a brilliant white flash and a loud thunderous roar, she flew to 2175 feet at 289 miles per hour. Brand new 3D printed rail guides from Apogee ... [View]
Estes Majestic, G74-9 White Lightning (2018-04-30)
My Estes Majestic flying on a G74-9 White Lightning at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on April 21, 2018. This flight set a new personal altitude rocket for my rocket at 2226 feet before ejecting the ... [View]
Estes Mega Mosquito (E12-4) with Jolly Logic chute release at 300ft (2017-02-13)
Excellent flight. The chute release was supposed to open at 300ft but it was delayed and opened at 175ft. [View]
Estes Optima 3" upscale launch on a CTI G125-RL Onboard Cam (2017-06-15)
This was a windy day, but not too much to fly. Still nice flight though. Altitude at apogee was around 1000ft. I had a Jolly Logic Chute Release aboard set for 400ft. This holds the chute closed ... [View]
Estes Prowler Launch 4 (E16-4) (2018-09-06)
September 2 2018 - Estes Prowler on an E16-4 with on board footage from an 808 Keychain Camera. Jolly Logic Chute release failed - Either I used too large of a rubber band or I jostled it and it ... [View]
Estes PSII Nike Smoke flights on Aerotech G64-7W (2016-07-10)
Flying my Estes PSII Nike Smoke rocket at Fire In The Sky 2016, Mansfield, WA. Both flights were perfect on Aerotech G64-7W motors, which use the 29/40-120 reloadable case. Jolly Logic Chute Release ... [View]
Estes PSII Ventris rocket with onboard HD Möbius and Jolly Logic Chute Release (2016-05-02)
Estes Ventris on a G126. Estimated 1700' altitude with the JL Chute Release set at 400'. [View]
Estes Sahara rocket w/Jolly Logic Chute Release (2016-05-31)
Estes Sahara on a CTI G57. Positioned the Möbius camera above the transition so I could catch the CR in action. [View]
Estes Ventris - Jolly Logic Chute Release - Airplane Man by One-Eyed Doll (2016-07-17)
I mounted my in-flight camera facing upwards in the hopes of catching both the parachute deployment on my Estes Ventris rocket, and the delayed opening of the parachute that the Jolly Logic Chute ... [View]
Flight of the Estes Leviathan with the 4K Sports Camera (2019-03-24)
4K sports camera in a 3D printed spacecraft. This is an Estes Leviathan on an Aerotech DMS I205, flying to approximately a half mile. (DETAILS IN THE LINKS BELOW). The delay is drilled to 10 seconds. ... [View]
Jolly Logic Chute Release (2016-05-15)
After seeing and hearing of the many ways to have a Jolly Logic Chute Release fail I decided to put together a little video in hopes to help others. This is a game changing device for low, mid and ... [View]
Jolly Logic Chute Release at SPAAR FIG 07.06.2019 (2019-07-09)
Scratch built rocket powered by Aerotech F44W. Chute released at 300'. Camera is 808 #16 in Additive Aerospace shroud. Video was captured at 1280x720 pixels at 30 frames per second. [View]
Jolly Logic Chute Release Testing (2019-07-30)
Twitter: [View]
jolly logic chute release unboxing (2018-01-27)
unboxing the Jolly Logic chute release with Eolsha [View]
Jolly Logic Chute Release- "Airmail" July 13, 2019 (2019-07-18)
Scratch-built from mailing tubes and repurposed nosecone. Aerotech G80 single-use motor. Upward & downward facing camcorders. Rocket achieved altitude of 1,117 feet per Perfectflight Firefly ... [View]
Jolly Logic Chute Release: The Best Thing to Happen to Model Rocketry! (2016-12-09)
The Jolly Logic Chute Release is probably one of the best things to ever happen to model rocketry! It gives you simple, easy to use dual deployment that can be flown on anything from an Estes B all ... [View]
L1 Cert flight w/CRASH 2/5/17 from ground (2017-02-14)
L1 Certification flight using Estes Mammoth rocket w/ 29mm Cesaroni H-42 mellow drilled for 7 sec delay. Reached 2957' AGL and 326mph. Chute release set for 500' AGL. Taken with cell phone. [View]
Level 1 Certification Flight (2018-06-24)
Onboard video from my TRA Level 1 certification flight. Modified Estes Partizon 2327' on a CTI H410 VMax. Motor ejection at apogee; Jolly Logic Chute Release at 400' [View]
Madcow 54mm Little John Rocket Launch, NAR L2 Certification (2016-11-16)
After travelling to California for my Level 1 Cert in May, I went back in November for Rocstock and a Level 2 attempt. Aerotech DMS J250W. Projected altitude 5057'. Jolly Logic Chute Release at ... [View]
Madcow AGM-33 Pike on Aerotech I435T (2018-04-25)
CRMRC launch 4-22-2018. My Madcow AGM-33 Pike climbing to 2,200' on an Aerotech I435T. Jolly Logic Chute Release at 300;. [View]
Mammoth rocket G motor (2018-03-21)
Estes mammoth rocket with an Aerotech G53-10fj motor. Equipped with an Apogee 36" nylon parachute, 500lb ball bearing swivel, 10' 1500lb Kevlar cord, Jolly Logic Altimeter 3, and chute release. It ... [View]
Patriot Rocket High Power Level 1 Cert Flight (2016-06-01)
Certification attempt for NAR High Power Rocketry Level 1, using my Estes Scion kitbashed into a Patriot Missile. Aerotech H128W motor, Jolly Logic Chute Release. At Washington Aerospace Club's Fire ... [View]
PAVEL 3 (Wildman Darkstar Jr) at Dyer Park 082917 (2017-07-30)
flight to 1545' with Aerotech H123W and Chute Release set at 300' [View]
PML Ariel, 2-10-19 at MDRA (2019-02-12)
PML Ariel on an Cesaroni H123-8 SK at MDRA, 2-10-19. Chute Release at 500'. Good flight. [View]
SEVEN (7) Engine Cluster!! North Coast Rocketry Cluster Duck, December 9, 2018 at CENJARS (2018-12-10)
North Coast Rocketry Cluster Duck on (6) Estes C6-3 and (1) Estes C11-7 at CENJARS, Dec 9, 2018. Chute release at 500 feet. [View]
Star Orbiter F15-6. Jolly Logic chute realease (2018-01-28)
Estes Star orbiter F15-6. Jolly Logic chute release. [View]
The Gentlemen I280 Dark Matter (2020-06-03)
The Gentlemen V2 flying for a second time on a very noisy I180 Dark Matter at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on May 30, 2020. This flight didn't end so well as the Chute Release got tangled in the ... [View]
Trajector-F42 Blue Thunder (2020-08-08)
My Trajector flying on an F42 Blue Thunder for the last flight of the day at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020. She flew to an altitude of 1194 feet at a speed of 239mph (maybe). Despite ... [View]
Vesta - G80T (2017-10-22)
A launch of my Vesta mid-performance rocket on an AeroTech G80-10 Blue Thunder single-use motor. I wasn't originally planning on flying this on anything big, but I was offered a free G80 by a fellow ... [View]