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Estes Majestic, G74 White Lightning

My Estes Majestic on a G74 White Lightning. With a brilliant white flash and a loud thunderous roar, she flew to 2175 feet at 289 miles per hour. Brand new 3D printed rail guides from Apogee Components ensured the rocket had a nice straight initial flight trajectory. A Jolly Logic Chute Release set to 300 feet ensured the rocket didn't drift too far, and although it landed in the soy bean field, the sonic indicator allowed me to find it easily. This flight was at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club 10-21-17

 Rocketry Product: Jolly Logic - Chute Release {Component}

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Majestic {Kit} (009707) [2013-]

 Rocketry Club: Bridgeton Area Rocket Club

Author coastermania17
Duration 108 seconds

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