Flight Log - 2014-06-05 - Jonathan Burton's Cosmic explorer

A great stable and fast flier, and the quality is a bit better than a standard Estes Kit. The fins are a thicker balsa than most Estes kits I have seen, and they are through the wall. The shock chord is thicker, the nose cone is balsa, and the paper for the airframe is thicker and better quality. This is a great rocket, but a little harder than a standard skill level 1 in my opinion because the tabs on the fins have to fit between the centering rings, but that's really It. Great sporty look, this is actually a reproduction of an old centuri kit called the centurion. The nose cone on the centurion was a little rounder. I love this rocket. 

Flight Date: 2014-06-05
Rocket Name: Cosmic explorer
Kit Name: Estes - Cosmic Explorer {Kit} (2421)
Flyer's Name: Jonathan Burton
Motors: B6-4
Actual Altitude: 500.00 Feet

Flew very straight and quick, recovered 10 feet from the pad. Great flier, C's are perfect for it, will do a c next time.

1Quest B6-4


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