Flight Log - 2020-01-25 - K Sonesen's Bottle Bat 3.0 (Tube Fin)

Yet another Larry Brand tube fin design that I cloned from his article here on Rocket Reviews.  Well, all but the soda bottle nose cone as it turns out that modern bottles are no longer properly sized to fit in a 3" body tube. I used a standard LOC 3" nose cone.

I named this rocket "Big Pink II" as the downscale version (Bottle Bat 2.6) was named "Big Pink".

Flight Date: 2020-01-25
Rocket Name: Bottle Bat 3.0 (Tube Fin)
Flyer's Name: K Sonesen
Motors: G77
Expected Altitude: 800.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 4.00 mph
Launch Site: SARG - Gibson Ranch

Very cold day (for California) and foggy early on.

Used an Aeropack 38-29mm adapter to accommodate the G77 Red motor.

Very straight boost and Chute Release depolyed at 300’. The Bama Chutes RotoSali cause a bit of commotion when it started spinning.

Very short walk considering the distance others were having to go to retrieve their rockets.

1Aerotech G77R


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