Flight Log - 2018-12-08 - K Sonesen's L'il Goblin 29 (FG)

This is the fiberglass version of the Lil Goblin patterned after the original Polecat Aerospace Goblin.

Flight Date: 2018-12-08
Rocket Name: L'il Goblin 29 (FG)
Kit Name: Madcow Rocketry - Lil Goblin {Kit} (K-139)
Flyer's Name: K Sonesen
Motors: F50-6T
Wind Speed: 4.00 mph
Launch Site: LUNAR - Snow Ranch

Last launch of the year and the first launch of Northern California's launch season.


Beautiful straight lift, separation at apogee, and Chute Release deployment at 200 feet.  Even better, it touched down between me and the car so I retrieved the rocked on the way back to my "camp".

1Aerotech F50T-6


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