Flight Log - 2021-06-06 - Ken E. Coyote's Hangar 11 4" X-15 (Dual Deploy Modified)

Hangar 11 kit of the X-15.  This one has interlocking fin system and is the smaller 4" version H11 sells.  It is designed for motor eject/single deploy; however I've modified for Dual Deploy.

Stratologger CF, Eggtimer WIFI switch & EggFinder,  1.9 & 1.5 BP for ~2-2.5k.  

Flight Date: 2021-06-06
Rocket Name: Hangar 11 4" X-15 (Dual Deploy Modified)
Flyer's Name: Ken E. Coyote
Motors: J420-0
Expected Altitude: 2,200.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Pine Island NY (Metra Rocket Club)
Actual Altitude: 1,900.00 Feet

Fantastic straight boost and faint whistling on coast.  Medium delay (for backup) was good as well as DD charges.  Main came out, but got tangled and rocket came in a bit hot and landed a little hard on sod.  No real damage and just some small paint fixes should do.  Crowd loved it! 

1Aerotech J420R-0


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