Flight Log - 2021-10-02 - Ken E. Coyote's Hangar 11 4" X-15 (Dual Deploy Modified)

Hangar 11 kit of the X-15.  This one has interlocking fin system and is the smaller 4" version H11 sells.  It is designed for motor eject/single deploy; however I've modified for Dual Deploy.

Stratologger CF, Eggtimer WIFI switch & EggFinder,  1.9 & 1.5 BP for ~2-2.5k.  

Flight Date: 2021-10-02
Rocket Name: Hangar 11 4" X-15 (Dual Deploy Modified)
Flyer's Name: Ken E. Coyote
Motors: J425-14
Expected Altitude: 2,100.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Pine Island NY (Metra Rocket Club)
Actual Altitude: 2,089.00 Feet

Beautiful launch up with nice red flame! Got lots of compliments (starting to have it's own fan club lol).   Recovery was iffy since I accidentally unhooked the chute blanket from my link and didn't notice since it was still on the chute lines.  On main deployment, it moved itself up the shroud lines and completely reefed the main chute. Still recovered fine with a bit of dirt and will fly again!  Love this bird. 

1CTI 784J425-16A-14


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